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Key Largo Diving Upper Keys 
Shipwreck List and GPS Coordinates

When in Key Largo diving Upper Keys, you're in what's considered the "Diving Capital of the World".

Below you'll find a list of Florida Keys shipwrecks and their GPS coordinates for the Key Largo Florida area.

Click on the name of each wreck, and the link will take you to the wreck diving page that includes detailed information about it.

When scuba diving Key Largo, you'll find there are an incredible number of shipwrecks and coral reefs that stretch across these crystal clear waters.

Plus no matter what your level of diving certification, there's amazing Florida Keys scuba dive sites begging to be explored.

No matter where Key Largo diving Upper Keys takes you, one thing for certain is you'll have an experience of a lifetime.

You can go wreck diving in shallow water and search for figurines at the Herrera or brave the cold oceans depths and go further offshore to visit the Queen of Nassau. Just don't forget your scuba diving camera when Key Largo diving! There's so many memorable sights you won't want to miss capturing them.

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Wreck Diving Sites, Key Largo Florida Area

To help you determine which Florida Keys wreck diving sites are best for you, I've provided the following quick at-a-glance list. These Florida Keys dive sites in the Key Largo Florida area, are listed by GPS coordinates from northeast to southwest.

The GPS coordinates provided serve as a guideline only. Ships move, and coordinates can be taken from a slightly different location than what would have provided maximum accuracy.

Northern Light Wreck

Northern Light Wreck, Photo by Tane Casserley

Knowing in advance that there could be minor discrepancies, you won't be disappointed when Key Largo diving. You'll certainly be within reasonable distance of your target, if not directly on top of it.

Ocean Freeze aka The Scott Mason-Chaite
25 23.5N 80 7.5W

El Populo aka Nuestra Senora del Populo, El Pinque
25 21.85N 80 09.690W

Whistle Buoy Wreck aka Harris Freighter
25 17.762N 80 09.020W

Thiorva Wreck
25 16.927N 80 12.425W

HMS Winchester
25 12.179N 80 13.517W

25 08.850N 80 15.462W

City of Washington
25 08.788N 80 15.355W

Mike's Wreck aka Hannah M. Bell
25 08.673N 80 15.393W

Northern Light Wreck aka Elbow Wreck
25 05.040N 80 21.643W

USS Spiegel Grove
25 04.003N 80 18.656W

The Benwood
25 03.160N 80 20.020W

Windlass Wreck aka Slobodna aka The Winch, The Winch Hole
25 01.00N 80 22.53W

24 59.710N 80 22.770W

USCG Duane
24 59.380N 80 22.920W

Pickle Barrel Wreck
24 59.170N 80 24.940W

Vitric Wreck aka Molasses Wreck
24 58.03N 80 18.98W

San Jose
24 56.919N 80 29.334W

El Infante
24 56.558N 80 28.530W

Chaves aka Nuestra Senora del Carmen; San Antonio de Padua y Las Animas
24 56.179N 80 34.985W

Capitana El Rubi Segundo
24 55.491N 80 31.891W

Herrera Wreck aka Figurine Wreck
24 54.330N 80 35.530W

Tres Puentes
24 53.612N 80 35.012W

Eagle Wreck
24 52.180N 80 34.210W

San Pedro
24 51.803N 80 40.782W

USS Alligator
24 51.079N 80 37.102W

El Lerri aka El Terri, Tyrri, Herri, San Felipe
24 50.755N 80 42.850W

Cannabis Cruiser aka Pot Wreck
24 49.584N 80 38.590W

San Francisco Shipwreck
24 49.185N 080 45.425W

Almiranta El Gallo Indiano
24 48.633N 80 45.932W

Queen of Nassau
24 47.165N 80 39.546W

The exciting part of Key Largo diving Upper Keys is that this region is absolutely 'littered' with wrecks. Small wonder then that scuba diving Key Largo is so popular and why dive site cards are so important. After all, it is the undisputed diving capital of the world!

As you explore the shipwrecks listed above, like the Spiegel Grove, Bibb, Duane and Benwood you'll find that having their dive cards on hand will make your dive experience more productive and educational. You'll also discover that some of the named wrecks still have questions about their true identity.

There's also a vast number of unidentified wrecks lying in their watery graves. They silently wait for the day someone scuba diving Florida Keys will determine who they are, and give them back their rightful name.

Then there are the hidden wrecks. Those that lie buried beneath the sand or deep at sea, waiting for someone to find them.

Who knows? When you're Key Largo diving Upper Keys, perhaps you'll be the one to make that next incredible discovery! So enjoy exploring, and have fun on your next diving upper Keys vacation!

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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