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To Avoid Capture Cannabis Cruiser Sank It's Load Of Marijuana For Sale

One of the more illicit Florida Keys shipwrecks, the Cannabis Cruiser rests three miles west of Alligator Reef Light or about 5 miles off Islamorada FL.

In the 1970's, this trawler also referred to as the Pot Wreck, was used to smuggle drugs into the United States.

It was during one of the Pot Wreck's many forays that her crew became concerned about the Coast Guard patrolling nearby.

To avoid what they perceived as being imminent capture, the crew decided to sink their vessel and flee.

The men escaped capture, and the Pot Wreck sank without anyone marking it's location.

Five years later while diving Key Largo, two scuba divers discovered the Pot Wreck sitting upright at a depth of about 110 feet.

All of her equipment including her navigation device and radar were still in place, along with her substantial load of contraband - the marijuana she carried.

Bags Of Seized Marijuana For Sale

Bags Of Seized Marijuana For Sale
State Archives Of Florida, Florida Memory

If your Florida Keys vacation takes you to Key Largo diving, you'll want to plan a dive trip to this advanced wreck diving site.

The Pot Wreck is popular with scuba divers because of it's abundant marine life and it's unusual history. Even though the ship has broken up over the years, she's still one of the more interesting Key Largo diving sites.

The Pot Wreck also provides the avid underwater photographer with a different type of opportunity. Since she's on a smaller scale than a wreck such as the massive Spiegel Grove, you can fully capture her in a shot. The combination of her condition, equipment and abundant marine life are conducive for capturing some amazing photography.

At-A-Glance Wreck Diving Description
and GPS Coordinates

Wreck Name
Cannabis Cruiser aka Pot Wreck - 75' trawler
5 miles offshore of Islamorada, 3 miles west of Alligator Reef Light
GPS Coordinates
24 49.584N 080 38.590W
110' maximum
30' - 130' depending on conditions
Dive Site Description
Ship sits upright and is good condition although somewhat broken up
Marine Life
Amberjack, moray eel, grouper and goliath grouper, large snook, hogfish, spiny lobster, nurse shark, moray eel, rays, barracuda

The Cannabis Cruiser carried a substantial supply of contraband when she was purposely sunk. Her crew escaped, the pot sank, and she became a magnet for larger Florida fish who perhaps liked the new scent in the area.

You'll find that the fish are quite happy and hungry here. It's not because the contraband permeated the water or added some extra nutrients to their diet. It's because the Pot Wreck happens to be a great artificial reef providing all the right ingredients that both Florida fish and anyone scuba diving Florida Keys wants.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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