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Florida Keys Marinas, Navigation Tips and U.S. Customs Clearance

You'll find that there are numerous Florida Keys marinas scattered up and down the tiny chain of islands.

Not only do these marinas provide safe harbor to boaters, many provide essential services to local boaters, commercial fishermen, charter companies, liveboards, and those passing through on a Florida Keys vacation.

With miles of shore line and water as far as the eye can see, Florida marinas are a prerequisite of life in the Florida Keys.

After all, it's hard to imagine being in this tropical paradise that consists of such pristine water and not owning or renting a boat.

However, when it comes to the water, safety and understanding the ways of the water are paramount.

Types Of Marina Services Available

When frequenting any of the marinas in Florida Keys, you'll notice that the amenities vary from location to location.

Services range from fuel, dockage, boat slip rentals, maintenance and repairs, Florida boat rentals and sales, dry and wet storage, towing, charters, even food, camping and lodging.

A Florida Keys marina can also be a good source of information. Whether you're wanting to find a particularly hot spot for fishing Florida Keys, a great place to dive or snorkel, need directions, or just want to hang out and enjoy some salty conversation, Florida Keys marinas are the place to go.

Garrison Bight Marina in Key West

Charterboats At Garrison Bight Marina Key West

You'll also discover that certain locations provide full service, while some of the resort and motel marinas are strictly geared up for their guests.

You'll find that some simply provide dockage for those boating by who then happen to stop in for a cocktail, or meal. Other marinas in the Florida Keys strictly focus on refueling your boat and not you.

The liveaboard marinas Florida Keys has are destinations all by themselves. Boot Key Harbor in Marathon Florida is popular with boaters from all over. This beautiful harbor provides a variety of services to accommodate the liveaboard lifestyle, and it's a popular refuge for those seeking safety from severe Florida Keys weather.

As with all businesses, the marinas in Florida Keys open and they close. Some add services while others eliminate them. You'll find that certain locations choose to be seasonal, while others are booked months in advance.

Knowing this, you'll want to check the following list of marinas in the Florida Keys carefully. This will help you not only determine which ones are located in the areas you'll be boating, but it'll help you find ones that work best for you.

Contact those that interest you to confirm their information and services so you're not disappointed or inconvenienced later.

You should also check the local Florida Keys weather before you go out in your boat. This marine weather forecast will help keep you up to date so you'll know what to expect when you're out on the water.

Marinas In The Florida Keys
By Area With GPS Coordinates

To help you sort through the jungle of marinas in the Florida Keys, I've broken them down by geographical area, and then listed them alphabetically. They are not listed geographically by their GPS coordinates.

Please remember that GPS coordinates will put you at or near your destination. I have yet to see the exact same set of coordinates from two different sources. As long as you know that you'll be within jumping distance of your final destination you should be fine - besides the water's warm and shallow!

If you find a marina that's not listed below and is worth including, please let us know. You can use the comment box at the bottom of this page.

To review the different Florida Keys marinas listed by region, please click on the following pictures or links to open their pages.


Key Largo


Conch Key
Duck Key
Key Colony Beach
Long Key
Marathon Key


Big Pine Key
Little Torch Key
Key West
Sugarloaf Key

Understanding Boat Navigation Conditions
and United States Customs Information

You're also going to need to develop a better understanding of the various passages you'll be traveling through to reach these marinas.

The following information from NOAA is particularly useful. This link includes all their nautical charts from Alaska south, but the marine charts that apply to the Florida Keys are #11432 - #11465.

These are free downloadable marine charts you should review and save so you have on hand Florida Keys nautical chart documents. These free nautical maps detail the navigating conditions from Miami to Key West FL and are zoomable.

You can save the links to the individual navigational charts to your cell phone, but it would be difficult to print them. The fact that they're in color, plus the fact you'd have to use very large paper would make it difficult and most certainly expensive.

Most boaters find it's easier to carry with them proper navigational charts. Just some of the helpful information included are specifics on channel depths, tides, wharves, prominent identifiable landmark features, anchoring and discharge restrictions.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases such as these items.

Sailboat Sailing into a Key West Sunset Rainbow

Key West Sailing at Sunset
Courtesy of My Key West Photograph

People also come to these marinas in the Florida Keys from all over the country, even from around the world. If you're arriving from a foreign port, you'll need to contact the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection before leaving to complete a pre-registration form, or within 24 hours of docking.

They can be contacted by phone 1-800-432-1216, or 1-800-451-0393 to either request additional information, or to report your arrival. For detailed assistance, when you click on their website above, you can then visit their Travel Link at the top right of that page.

The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection has a major location at the Port of Key West. This Port is a popular destination for people coming in on a Key West cruise or via boat.

When you're coming into the area from a foreign port, after docking at any of the Florida Keys marinas you'll have to go down to this government agency. If you've submitted the required information before you left the foreign port then you're exempt from meeting in person.

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Local Weather Zip Codes

Key Largo - 33037
Marathon - 33050
Key West - 33040