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We know first hand that a vacation to the Florida Keys conjures up a multitude of images.

Just picturing this spectacular tropical paradise with so many things to see and do, brings up a lot of Florida Keys questions.

Of course it also brings back fond memories and with it great Florida Keys vacation stories. So if you have questions to ask or tales to share, you've come to the right place.

Our First Florida Keys Vacation Story

Florida Keys questions? Florida Keys stories? My husband and I had a ton of Florida Keys questions before we took our first vacation here. We also knew when we returned we'd have a lot of good Florida Keys stories. We just didn't know how wild our stories would be.

For my husband and myself, our first Florida Keys vacation was in December, 1990.

We had driven our motorhome from Western Canada, through Montana, down to Texas and then across Interstate 10.

We had traveled through blizzards, and crawled across mountainous highways covered in black ice. With our fingernails chewed off, and our fingertip impressions deeply embedded in our RV steering wheel, we waged our private war to leave the land of cold.

Blizzard Road Conditions As We Hurry South to the Florida Keys

Blizzard Road Conditions As We Race South To The Florida Keys

After many days of bad weather, then eventually somewhat reasonable weather, we finally arrived in the land of the tropics. As we traveled the Overseas Highway we couldn't have been happier as we sang along to the The Beach Boy's 'Kokomo' song.

I'll never forget our audible gasp when we first saw the incredible shades of aquamarine, turquoise, and emerald water surrounding us as we crossed the 7 Mile Bridge outside of Marathon Florida.

There was also our crazy, but delicious search for everything key lime, including the best key lime pie recipe.

The icing on our cake was our arrival at Key West. Which, as we soon found out, was not just a destination, but an absolutely unforgettable experience. If you've been, or are planning a Key West vacation, the Conch Republic is pure, dynamic energy and it demands that you come back for more.

Key West Cruise Is Popular With Ocean Liners

A Key West Cruise Is Very Popular
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

What's Your Florida Keys Vacation Story?

So that's just part of our story. Anyone who's been to this beautiful, tropical paradise leaves with a multitude of their own amazing, memorable experiences. Memories just waiting to be raved about, so go ahead and leave us your Florida Keys questions or Florida Keys stories in the comment box below

Now it's time to confess - be up front and honest with yourself. Are you sitting at home right now, watching the snow fall, wishing you could escape from your not-so-much-anymore-picture-perfect-winter-wonderland?

Hmmm... Instead of ice fishing, are you secretly visualizing yourself afloat in a boat, drifting on the warm, beautiful blue water as you spend yet another blissful afternoon Florida Keys fishing?

Or are you're at work in the harsh, concrete jungle, dreaming of your many different Florida Keys vacations? Are you planning your next trip to the Florida Keys where this time you actually will take up scuba diving Florida Keys? More Florida Keys questions or Florida Keys stories are beginning to form, I'm sure.

No matter who you are, or where you live, or what you enjoy doing, everyone loves to escape at least once to a warm, delicious, tropical paradise! (That's for sure!) As we all know, a Florida Keys vacation is about this and so much more!

So take a moment to ask your Florida Keys questions or share your Florida Keys stories. We and our visitors would love to hear about your adventures and pick up any great travel tips you've discovered along the way.

After all, our vacations in Florida Keys are the common bond we share, so don't hesitate to share questions or tales with us below. We'd all enjoy to hear your own Florida Keys vacation stories like the ones below!

Florida Keys vacation stories Readers have shared

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"This is a great way to plan a trip. You can find what is available in the area you're interested in.I love Key Largo with all the old homes and lush growth. So beautiful!"

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"I have a deep love for the Keys...just like you. I have also been saying for years that people around the country and the world really don't know how lovely it really is. Natural. And also I think your website looks very nice so far. Well done!"

Brenda - Phoenix, AZ
"Great website! Just checking everything out. We may be in the Florida Keys sometime soon!"

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