Engagement at Fort Jefferson
Dry Tortugas National Park

by John Lack
(Raleigh. North Carolina)

Beautiful, Sparkling Water Adds to the Romance at Fort Jefferson

A Spectacular Ocean View from Fort Jefferson

In 2011, I was able to finally convince my girlfriend that a Key West trip was absolutely necessary.

I was waiting for a Key West trip so that I could romantically propose to her at Fort Jefferson. I wanted it to be special and Key West has always been a very special place.

Crystal Clear Water At Fort Jefferson

The Crystal Clear Water is Perfect for Snorkeling

We made the trip out to Fort Jefferson, and fortunately while we were there, she said yes.

Ever since then, we have been enjoying the Keys for our vacations.

I'm also happy to report that we will soon be getting married in the Keys.

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that proposal at Fort Jefferson. A big thanks to the Florida Keys!

Covered Archway at Fort Jefferson

Historic Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park

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