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Scuba Florida Keys Wrecks and
Reefs With A Florida Keys Dive Shop

On your next Florida Keys vacation plan to scuba Florida Keys for maximum excitement.

You'll quickly discover that unparalleled beauty and amazing mysteries lurk mere feet beneath the ocean's surface.  

Not surprising considering the fact that offshore, the world's third largest coral reef system awaits.  

Teeming with a myriad of tropical fish and sporting Florida game fish, divers can explore the coral reef's numerous crevices and ridges.  

Plus the ocean floor is littered with countless shipwrecks.  Some of these vessels are centuries old and sorely decayed.  

Other Florida shipwrecks are in near pristine condition making exploration of their inner recesses dangerously exciting.

From Key Largo to Key West FL, countless opportunities for scuba diving Florida Keys are available.  The question is where to start, and who to dive Florida Keys with.

Scuba Diving Florida Keys Coral Reefs
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

The ‘where' is easy.  For your convenience, I've created a comprehensive breakdown of some of the most popular Florida Keys dive sites on our Florida Keys diving page.  

This introductory diving page provides fast links to the reefs and wrecks which are conveniently broken down by region.  It also provides information on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and has an online snorkeling and diving store where you can shop around for gifts, or needed gear.  

Now for the 'who'.  The following links will direct you to a Florida Keys dive shop list that is broken down by region.  

The Florida Keys is a region richly blessed with friendly people, warm weather, spectacular water, and lush vegetation. However, it's what lies offshore, in the crystal blue water that makes this area a premier holiday destination.

On your next Florida Keys vacation plan to scuba Florida Keys. You'll quickly discover the magnetic draw that pulls people from all over the world, as they explore the mysterious, silent beauty of the deep.

Florida Keys Dive Center in Tavernier FL

Florida Keys Dive Center In Tavernier, FL

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
Search here for what you want (ads also appear)


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Local Weather Zip Codes

Key Largo - 33037
Marathon - 33050
Key West - 33040