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Phyllis - Nanaimo, Canada
"This is a great way to plan a trip. You can find what is available in the area you're interested in.I love Key Largo with all the old homes and lush growth. So beautiful!"

John Lack - Raleigh, North Carolina
"All good. It is a great website. I kept on reading til 3am. I'm getting lots of ideas. Thanks!"

Koryo Tours on Twitter
"Yeah! Looks great! Thanks for the info!"

David - Lakeport, California
"Good looking website and useful information."

Don - St. Petersburg, Florida
"I like the look and feel of your site and Kathy and I do enjoy visiting the area when we are able to get down to south Florida."

Linda - Castor, Canada
"May be our next get away spot! Great place to go for info!"

Peter - Coral Springs, Florida
"I have a deep love for the Keys...just like you. I have also been saying for years that people around the country and the world really don't know how lovely it really is. Natural. And also I think your website looks very nice so far. Well done!"

Brenda - Phoenix, AZ
"Great website! Just checking everything out. We may be in the Florida Keys sometime soon!"

Maxine - Vancouver Island, Canada
"I really like the e-cards as I can so easily send them to my friends. Thank you for this site."

Phyl - Tucson, Arizona
" I find the costumes for Fantasy-Fest interesting. I know if I were younger I'd be there in one of the hats, boots and cute dresses. There was a wig too that I would wear. I'm sure people will be interested in this site. I was!"

F.E. Roth - Canada
"I find your Everglades Invasive Snakes interview most interesting and terrifying. They have to go but what a challenge. Good luck!"

L. Windross - Alberta, Canada
"Love the website's new look!"

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