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Military Holidays NAS Key West Lodging Tips, Key West Discounts And Fun Things To Do

When planning military holidays, the Florida Keys are without question one of the more exciting destinations to choose from.

The combination of water, sun, and fun are why military trips to this "tropical" location are so popular with the armed forces.

Whether you're planning MWR vacations, or a romantic getaway, you'll find no shortage of exciting Florida Keys attractions and activities to include on your military holiday.

Military families also benefit from the fact that NAS Key West sits on Boca Chica, the second last island positioned just north of Key West. This final City in the chain of islands, is also the major hub of attractions and activities in the Florida Keys.

Naval Air Station Key West also has 3 annexes. Closest to the main complex on Boca Chica is the Sigsbee Park Annex off of North Roosevelt and is accessible via Sigsbee Road.

NAS Key West, Main Base On Boca Chica

NAS Key West Main Base On Boca Chica
State Archives Of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

Further west, off North Roosevelt, is Trumbo Point Annex. Trumbo Point lies between Key West Bight and Garrison Bight, near the northeast section of Old Town Key West.

Truman Annex is at the far southwest section of the island, abutting on Fort Zachary Taylor State Park to the west, and to the east, the hustle and bustle of Whitehead Street and Bahama Village.

This proximity to the many fun things to do in Key West makes it even easier for military families to enjoy the numerous activities Key West is famous for.

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Military Lodging NAS Key West Options

As beautiful as the Florida Keys and Key West are, they can be pricey. This is especially true during peak tourist season which primarily is December through the end of May.

Fortunately all military personnel in any of the military branches, whether active or retired, are able to get the best military vacation deals by taking advantage of the NAS Key West military lodging options.

For military holidays, the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites has 3 different hotel style accommodation locations available in Key West. To make inquiries, or reservations at these military hotels, you can contact the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS) at 1-877-628-9233 or visit the DOD website.

When you arrive in Key West, you will check in at the main property at the Fly Navy Building located at Trumbo Point Annex, Chevalier Ave, Building C-2076.

NAS Key West Trumbo Point Annex

NAS Key West Trumbo Point Annex

From here, you'll be directed to the MWR vacations facility that has room to accommodate your reservations.

If your military hotel accommodations are at the NAS Key West on Boca Chica, you'll be furthest from Old Town Key West. This military lodging facility is approximately 7.5 miles from the heart of the major Key West attractions, so you'll either need to ride a bicycle, take a taxi or drive a vehicle into town.

Key West Travel Is Often By Scooter Or Bicycle

Key West Travel Is Often By Bicycle Or Scooter

On military holidays, additional amenities you can enjoy at NAS Key West Boca Chica include access to the beach, mini-exchange, gas station, bowling alley, several restaurants and bar, fitness center and marina.

If you're assigned MWR Key West lodging at the Trumbo Point Annex, you'll be 7.5 miles from Boca Chica. This Annex is sandwiched between Key West Bight and Garrison Bight, and is positioned along the northeast section of Key West.

Amenities available while on military holidays at the Trumbo Point Annex include the Flying Conch Lounge, pool, a mini-exchange, plus tennis and volleyball courts.

Apart from the hotel style accommodations, another MWR Key West lodging option at Trumbo Point are the military vacation rentals. These Key West vacation rentals include 3 bedroom townhomes and 2 bedroom mobile homes. For more information on these MWR vacation rentals you can visit the DOD website or call them at 1-877-628-9233.

One of the advantages of military lodging at Trumbo Point is that you'll be within bicycling or 'reasonable' walking distance of Key West Seaport and Harbor Walk, Mallory Square, and the other main Old Town Key West attractions and activities.

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach Is Popular Key West Military Holiday Destination

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach Is Popular Military Vacation Destination

Finally, if you're assigned MWR vacations lodging at Truman Annex, you'll be 8.5 miles from Boca Chica and at the edge of the heart of Old Town Key West. On military holidays here, not only do you have all the attractions of Duval Street and Key West at your door step, you abut onto one of the more popular Key West ghostly and historical attractions, Fort Zachary Taylor and it's fabulous Key West beaches.

Amenities to enjoy on military holidays at the Truman Annex include access to the rec center, fitness center, racquetball and basketball courts.

You also need to be aware of another important fact. Military holidays often include bicycling around the Florida Keys. Not only is this a popular pastime, in Key West, it's almost code for survival. Old Town Key West is famous for it's congestion and parking nightmares, especially during peak tourist season.

On military holidays, if you're traveling with a bicycle and plan to stay at any of the military lodging facilities in Key West, you'll need to register your bicycle with the front desk.

To avoid a nasty surprise, you should also be aware that NGIS welcomes cash and all major credit cards, however personal checks are not accepted. They also do not accept pets, so you'll have to keep this fact in mind if you're traveling with Fido and Fidette.

Another of the more popular MWR vacations options for military personnel includes staying at the Navy Lodge at the Sigsbee Park Annex.

This Annex is on an island accessible via Sigsbee Road. It's 3.9 miles west of NAS Key West, Boca Chica, positioned between the main base and the Trumbo Point Annex.

Key West Airport

Conch Republic Flag At Key West International Airport

In relationship to the Key West International Airport at 3491 South Roosevelt Boulevard, Sigsbee Park is off of North Roosevelt. This is almost directly across from the Key West airport on the opposite side of the island at the northeast end of Key West.

At the Sigsbee Park Annex you'll find the Navy Lodge located at Arthur Sawyer Road, Bldg V-4114. Unlike the Gateway Inns & Suites, this military hotel is also pet friendly. However, they do have pet restrictions that relate to number and size. If you're traveling with Fido or Fidette, please check in advance to make sure your pet is welcome.

To ask questions about military holidays that relate to amenities and reservations, or to confirm check in and check out times, call 1-800-628-9466 or 305-292-7556 x 5. You can also visit the Navy Lodge website or email them at:

When making reservations, the rule of thumb is that retired military are able to make reservations up to 6 months in advance. Active duty military personnel can make reservations up to 1 year in advance.

Key West Camping Trip

Cheap Military Vacations Include Key West Camping Trips
State Archives Of Florida, Florida Memory, Joseph Janney Steinmetz

Military holidays also include camping as a popular option. Not only is this a lot of fun, it's a great way to organize cheap military vacations.

If you're planning a Key West camping vacation, whether RVing or tenting, you can stay at the Sigsbee Park Annex at the Key West Campground. The 94 full hookups are based upon a first come first serve basis, plus they have over 400 dry camp sites available.

For military holidays falling during peak season, when the number of registered campers wanting full hook ups outweighs the total number of sites, you need to know that the Key West campground implements a rotation system.

If you don't wish to move, you can always request a dry camp site when you make reservations or register, or you can consider one of the other non-military Key West campgrounds.

Other amenities available at Sigsbee Park include the exchange, commissary, barbershop, fitness center, gas station, marina with boat rentals, and a lounge.

For further information or to reserve a tent or Key West camping site, call 1-877-628-9233 or email them at

Non-Military Lodging And
Places That Offer Military Discounts

Not all military personnel, active or retired however wish to stay in military lodging. Sometimes they're looking for something more luxurious, more romantic. Whatever the reason, there are other options available to those planning military holidays to the Keys.

Some of the Florida Keys accommodations offer military hotel deals, but again this is usually seasonal. Also, due to ownership changes, management changes and other unforeseen situations, policies including military discounts can be subject to revision.

We've also discovered that apart from the above restrictions, other determining factors include, varying discounted rates, availability, management discretion, whether you're active duty or not, and the list of other reasons goes on.

The cost of Florida Keys lodging will also be higher than what military personnel would pay at military hotels on base, especially during peak season. By staying on base, you'll save money that can be put toward different activities and attractions you'd like to enjoy on your military holiday.

However, if you're looking for a real Florida Keys resort experience, or a cozy bed and breakfast Key West environment, you'll want to visit the following Florida Keys lodging pages. If scheduled military holidays coincide with off season, you'll find that rates can be 'relatively' affordable and then this may be an option you'll want to consider.

We've broken Florida Keys lodging down by region, and then by accommodation type. For each part of the Keys, you can then click on each type of lodging facility (hotel, resort, motel, inn, etc.) to go to that specific page and then view detailed information on each listed accommodation. When available, I've also included a TripAdvisor link for each lodging establishment, so you can read reviews and check prices.

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Immediately below, I'm including for you a few of the Key West lodging establishments that SEEM to consistently provide a discount. It's not necessarily a big discount, but it appears the discounts are reliable.

For Key West resorts these are Little Palm Island Resort and Parrot Key and you can view detailed information and read TripAdvisor reviews about them here on our Key West resorts page.

For Key West hotels, these include the Doubletree Hilton Grand, Eden House, and The Gardens Key West. To read more about them and check TripAdvisor reviews you can visit our Key West hotels page here.

Florida Travel Tips, Fun Things To Do,
And Key West Discounts

When planning military holidays, you'll also want to become familiar with Florida weather. Even though the Florida Keys is a sub-tropical climate, it can get chilly in the winter, so you'll want to plan your wardrobe accordingly.

If you're planning a Florida Keys vacation in the off season, that will be also when the weather is warmer, more humid and also more volatile.

Hurricane season begins June 1 and goes through to November 30. During this time, thunderstorms pop up almost every afternoon, waterspouts are frequent, and there is often a potential or passing threat of a tropical storm or Florida hurricane.

To keep abreast of the weather conditions, you'll want to monitor the weather forecast on a regular basis.

If your Key West vacation plans include boating, you'll also need to monitor marine weather conditions.

You'll also need to brush up on boat safety tips because the water off the Florida Keys has it's own set of challenges and potential marine hazards.

Boat Rentals Add To Florida Keys Vacation Fun

Florida Boat Rentals Add To Vacation Fun

If your military holidays include plans for getting a Florida Keys boat rental, you'll need to be aware of these helpful tips and Florida boating regulations.

To help you find the best Florida boat rentals pricing, we've broken the Keys down by region, listing the different boat rentals companies. This way you can quickly and easily find the company and the boat that fits the water activity you have planned.

I also advise that you check with the boat rentals companies in advance to determine if they're one of the places that offer military discounts before you book with them. You'll also want to become familiar with the various types of boats you can rent, the questions you need to ask, and what you should watch for before you pay!

As mentioned earlier, companies can change their minds about discounts. This is primarily because the Keys are geographically small with a limited population. They also have a very specific time frame when the majority of people tend to travel to the Keys on vacation. This means small businesses need to make their living while the opportunity presents itself, because the off season can be financially challenging.

To protect you, for most industries I feel it's best not to indicate the places that give military discounts as these are often small businesses with policies that can quickly change. To reinforce my concern, and to avoid providing incorrect information and disappointing you, it's best for you to confirm IF and WHEN military discounts are available.

Boating and water sports including fishing, scuba diving Florida Keys and kayaking are a large part of what makes up most military holidays.

Military Vacations Include Kayaking Florida Keys

Fun Things To Do On Military Vacations Include Kayaking Florida Keys

If you're interested in fishing charters or scuba diving charters these charter companies can help. Remember, not all of these offer military discounts. The key is finding the Florida charter company that does what you want, goes where you want, and offers the most amenities, discounts or not.

No matter where military holidays take you, whether just to Key West or throughout the Florida Keys, you'll find that there are so many other things to do. Hiking and bicycling are popular vacation pastimes. Birdwatching, playing on Florida beaches, looking for tiny key deer, and visiting the different Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges are just some of the other activities popular on military holidays.

Always remember, no matter where you go, or what you're going to do, when inquiring about a product or service, always ask if there's a military discount. Some companies that don't normally provide military discounts, may consider you a 'bird in hand' and give military discounts simply to keep you from going to a competitor.

When planning military holidays in the Florida Keys you'll quickly discover that there's a myriad of activities to pursue. Key West in particular is known for numerous attractions and fun things to do.

You can visit the numerous Key West museums. You can also enjoy a variety of tours and organized Key West activities that include ghost tours, sunset cruises, even parasailing adventure trips. Some of these organizations offer military discounts, some only have seasonal military discounts, some have none at all.

To get a discount no matter what time of year your military holidays are scheduled for, you're better off to take advantage of the discounts offered online by Trusted Tours. Not only will you receive a discount, you'll save time by not having to stand in line waiting to buy your tickets.

Plus Trusted Tours has Key West discounts on most of the major activities and attractions. These include package deals, land tours and sightseeing, water activities and cruises, museums, walking and biking tours, trolley and ferry transportation. By taking advantage of these Key West discounts you'll be able to include even more activities on your Florida Keys vacation.

As A Trusted Tours Affiliate I Can Earn Small
Booking Commissions At No Extra Cost To You


Fun Key West Attractions!

If you're a disabled veteran, or are traveling with someone who is handicapped, you'll also want to read our handicap accessible tips which includes information on places to go, handicap transportation, wheelchair activities, and disabled activities.

Military holidays to the Florida Keys encompass the best of everything. Here you'll discover the immense beauty of the sea as it surrounds the tiny palm studded islands.

You've entered a new dimension, it's called 'island time'. This is a place where you can totally relax. A place where nothing matters except the soothing sound of water gently lapping against the shore.

You've discovered the place where fun and sun meet, and tropical magic begins. Welcome to your military holiday in the Florida Keys!

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