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Flights To Key West Airport Are A
Quick Start To Your Key West Vacation

The Key West airport gets you here fast so you can take it slow.  For many people arriving on their Florida Keys vacation, this small Key West Florida airport known as EYW is their first introduction to paradise.

This is a rather small Florida Keys airport, especially when compared to something like Miami International Airport.

However, the important thing is that it got you here, and it'll help get you home again.

Not everyone who plans a vacation in Florida Keys will want to land at Miami International.

You may find it quicker and more convenient to land and depart from this airport in Key West.

You may even want to land in Key West FL, then take your Florida car rental and drive up the islands departing from Miami International when it's time to return home.

The reverse is also true when you choose to land at MIA.  You can pick up your Florida car rental in Miami, drive from Miami to Key West and then depart out of the Key West Airport. This saves driving back to Miami International and gives you more time for your Key West vacation.

Entrance To Key West International Airport

Entrance To Key West International Airport

One important travel tip, whether you're planning a vacation to the Florida Key or some other destination is to make sure you've checked out and reserved your car rental in advance!

Not only with this save you considerable time, you'll ensure you actually have a car when you arrive.  

Most important, is that you'll be able to save money, and Cheap O Air, an affiliate of mine, is the company you'll want to use to secure the car rental for all of your vacations.

Not only do they have superior savings on car rentals they are full service in that they can help with saving you money on airfare, even lodging.

For your general information, if you click a link and reserve a vehicle, I stand to earn a small commission. The item does not cost you any more. This is called being an "affiliate."

How To Get Cheap Key West Flights

Airfare is one of the more expensive parts of any holiday. Since there's no reason to spend more money than you have to, some preliminary investigative work is in order.

The following companies can help you get cheaper airfare and take advantage of discounted airfare rates.

You may also want to get one or more of the following books as you can learn quite a bit about how to save money on air travel. By having some knowledge about the 'secrets' of the airline industry, you can gain some extra savvy which can help you save money on not just this trip, but others in the future.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases such as these items.

No matter what size your holiday budget is, these various pointers will come in handy when planning your Florida Keys vacation.

Another company I'm affiliated with and therefore receive a small compensation should you use their services, is Cheap O Air.

Used world wide by numerous travelers, they're worth looking into since they can help with savings on your flight, plus deals and discounts on car rentals, travel packages and hotels. They may have just what you're looking for when planning your Florida Keys vacation.

Cheap O Air specializes in saving you money on all flights but check that against what you find in the book to make sure you're getting the best deal for your money.

You can also use their handy widget that's located on the top left of their page when it opens up. To maximize and get the cheapest airfare rates, try playing around with different arrival and departure dates to find the cheapest flights to Key West.

Checking out airfare is your first important step in planning your Key West vacation, and these CHEAP airline deals from CheapOAir can save you money. Check out what promos are being run at the time you plan your Florida Keys vacation so you can get the most savings possible!

Airline Connection Options And
Your Flight To Key West Florida

Now that you realize there are several Florida travel options available in terms of getting to Key West FL, you need to know a few other things first.

There are no international flights that land at the Key West Airport. You must first connect some place else. Typically this connection is at Miami International Airport.

Airlines to Key West include US Airways, Delta, Continental, and American Airlines. These airlines serving Key West all have regular scheduled service.

These Key West airlines typically depart from MIA to Key West so you can avoid the drive, get here fast and take it slow. Hmm... sounds like a line from the Beach Boy's Kokomo song. Or you can fly from the Key West Airport to MIA, and pick up your connecting flight home.

Entrance To Key West International Airport

Conch Republic Flag Painted On Key West Airport Wall

Once your plane lands, you'll find that the Key West Airport is extremely well located in terms of convenience. It's only a few short miles to Old Town, the historic district of Key West.

Located at the southeast end of the island, the Key West International Airport address is 3491 South Roosevelt Boulevard. The telephone number for the Key West International Airport is 305-296-5439.

To help orientate you to this airport in Key West, the older terminal is now used strictly for arriving passengers. The newer terminal services departing passengers only, and this is a much smaller airport.

Due to the fact that it has only one, rather short asphalt runway, many of the departing flights also have weight and baggage restrictions. It would be advisable to check with your carrier before flying out of Key West, for current regulations and restrictions.

How To Get Around Key West

When you visit Key West, you'll find that the airport is also only 2 miles from the historic district. You can either take a taxi to your Key West lodging, or get a Florida car rental. If your strictly planning a vacation in Key West, you may want to forgo the expense of a Florida car rental.

This is because the island is small, only about 2 miles by 4 miles long, so Florida Keys travel in Key West is easy. If you're staying in the historic district and plan to spend most of your time in Old Town, then you really don't need to bother with a car rental.

Old town, which is the main area you'll be spending most of your time in is loaded with Key West things to do, and the streets can weave and wind, start and stop.

Once you're in this part of the Conch Republic, you'll also quickly discover that Key West travel can be nothing short of impossible. This is due to the fact that the island is small, the historic district even smaller, the streets are narrow, and typically there are a lot of people.

Congestion is a major problem in Key West FL, and parking is difficult at best. If you don't need a car, save yourself the money, and the hassle.

Key West travel should be fun. Even if you rent a car, you'll find that you'll still spend most of your time walking as everything is so close in Key West.

Entrance To Key West International Airport

Elevated Walkway At Key West International Airport

If you need to venture further out of the historic district, taxis are your best option. You could also get a Florida car rental just for the day. Bicycle rentals and scooters are also a cheap and popular mode of transportation, and are a great way to enhance your island experience.

A vacation in Florida Keys is one of the best holidays you'll ever have. Whether you fly to MIA or choose any of the Key West flights, it's not the "how" that matters so much as the "do".

Plus once you're settled into your Key West lodging, you'll find that the "do" has a whole lot of fun packed into it! Key West attractions are numerous, and when it's time to fly out of the Key West airport, you'll find your stay in paradise was far too short.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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