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Good Florida Keys Travel Plans
Make Traveling To Paradise Easy

One of the great things about Florida Keys travel is that you have a lot of options to consider when planning your Florida Keys vacation.

Use the information we've provided as your helpful Florida travel guide.  We've included a variety of possible routes that will get you to the Florida Keys.

We've also included a number of possible transportation modes, from ferry to shuttle to car rental. 

We've also done a lot of the 'legwork' for you, plus we've worked to find various merchants who have products you'll need, often at substantial discounts.

Check out what they've got, and together we'll make your Florida Keys vacation more affordable and fun!

Finding Cheap Flights To Florida Keys

Most people vacationing in the Florida Keys fly here. Some will fly to Orlando, some to Tampa, while others will fly to Miami or Key West. So the first part of your Florida Keys vacation planning is to pick the general dates you'll want to travel on. If you're somewhat flexible on your dates, you can sometimes get Florida cheap flights 

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In terms of Florida travel, you have a number of options to consider. You can opt for a flight directly to the Florida Keys. If you do, you'll be limited to arriving at Key West International Airport (EYW) since the Florida Keys Marathon Airport no longer has commercial service.

You'll need to know that with most of the Key West Florida carriers you can only fly into Key West if you've departed from another Florida city, Atlanta or the Bahamas. All other international and domestic flights are routed through Miami International Airport.

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Even though I've included the previous car rental options for you, I've gone one step further on our Florida Car rental page.

You'll notice that not only are the Florida travel route options identified, I've included what you can expect or not expect, so you'll be able to decide which Florida travel routes will suit your Florida Keys vacation plans when you're

Flying To Another Florida Destination First, Then Driving To The Florida Keys

You may be planning a Florida Keys vacation that starts with a visit to Orlando, Tampa or Miami. If so, before purchasing your airline ticket, you'll want to do some coordinating between your arrival and departure destinations.     

You may also decide that it would be more interesting and time saving to land and depart from two different locations. This usually costs a bit more money, but it can make your Florida vacation plans more effective.

Let's say you're landing in Orlando or Tampa, any place other than Miami. Determine the city you'll originally land in, and the city you'll eventually depart from. The departing city would most likely be Miami or Key West Florida.

If you book your ticket accordingly, you won't have to drive or fly back to your original landing destination. This will save you money, and give you more time to spend on your Florida Keys travel vacation.

Tourists will often opt to visit Tampa, Orlando, and Miami before driving down to the Florida Keys. This means you'll want to get a Florida car rentalso you can easily get down to the Keys and explore the islands once you're there.

Depending on where you land, the drive from the Orlando area to Key Largo is under 300 miles. For Florida Keys travel, this equates to a very leisurely 5 - 6 hour drive with perhaps 1 or 2 quick stops.

If you're coming from the Tampa area and are going to Key Largo Florida, the drive will be under 340 miles. That equates to a very comfortable, and easy one day drive.

The shortest Florida Keys travel route is from Miami to Key Largo. This is a leisurely 70 mile trip. Once you're in Key Largo, the drive to Key West is only about 127 miles.

Flying To Miami From Another Florida Destination, Then Driving To Florida Keys

If your Florida Keys travel plans start in a city further north, you may not want to take the time to drive to the Keys. If so, when you're ready to head south, your least expensive option will be a flight to Miami International Airport (MIA).

You'll want to get the most out of your Florida Keys travel plans, so direct flights to Miami International Airport followed by getting a Florida car rental makes the most sense.

Aerial View Of A MIA Terminal With Miami In Background, Photo by Miami-Dade Aviation Dept.

Now you can travel US Highway 1, the slow but beautiful Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West. This drive is a vacation in itself. Just over 127 miles, it takes you from the Upper Keys at Key Largo to the Lower Keys at Key West. This is Florida Keys travel at its best.

There will be plenty of opportunity for activities as you make your Florida Keys travel plans. It's also best to make frequent stops. Better yet, consider breaking your trip into several days. Now you can experience Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Key West and all the treasures in between, as you travel across the 42 bridges linking the islands.

You'll want to sample key lime pie and fresh, seafood treats along the way. Keep a lookout for the diminutive key deer as you drive from Bahia Honda Key to Sugarloaf Key. Remember to go slow for two important reasons. You want to see the friendly, tiny deer, and you also don't want to hit them.

Anyone who's been on a Florida Keys vacation returns home with incredible memories and photos. However, when people reminisce about their Florida Keys travel memories, one thing in particular typically stands out.

The water. It's crystal clear, multi-hued, and it's absolutely everywhere.

When you cross the 7 Mile Bridge at the outskirts of Marathon Florida you're surrounded by it. The view is absolutely breathtaking and amazing.

The water, and the bridges make the perfect combination and is why many great movie scenes have been filmed here.

Do you remember the particularly harrowing bridge scene from the movie "True Lies" with Jamie Lee Curtis?

Some of the films wildest and even funniest moments were filmed in the Florida Keys and on the historic Old Seven Mile Bridge.

Flying Direct To
Key West International Airport

When making your Florida Keys travel plans, it's best to arrange for a flight to Key West International Airport (EYW) if you're on a tight time frame.

Flights to Key West Florida are relatively easy as the airport is serviced by a number of airline carriers that connect from other Florida locations. It's more expensive to fly direct, but if your Florida Keys travel plans are only for a Key West vacation, then it's your best choice.

Key West Airport

Florida Keys Marathon Airport

While making your Florida Keys travel plans, you'll want to stop at Marathon Key which is the mid-point of the islands. It's central to both Key Largo and it's great diving, and Key West with it's party-like atmosphere. The Florida Keys Marathon Airport is primarily used by private, light planes.

There are 2 charter airline companies servicing Marathon Florida, but unfortunately there is limited flexibility. SeaCoast only departs from St. Petersburg International Airport, and AirStar Executive Airways is an on demand only charter company.

Planes at Florida Keys Marathon Airport
Photo courtesy of

The Florida Keys Marathon Airport is 3 miles east of town and is located at:
9400 Overseas Hwy Suite 200
Marathon, FL 33050
Phone number: 305-289-6060

Car Rental companies at the airport are:
Avis - Reservation - Ph: (800) 331-1212
Budget - Reservation - Ph: (800) 527-0700
Enterprise - Reservation - Ph: (800) 736-8222

Florida Keys Shuttle

The Greyhound Keys Shuttle is an economical option to consider for your Florida Keys travel. This departs from the Miami International Airport to all areas of the Keys. 

Once you've reached your destination in the Florida Keys, you can select whatever form of transportation you prefer. Most points of interest and activities are easily reached by walking. You can also rent bicycles, scooters, or take a taxi if your planned activity is further out.

Greyhound Buses Are Affordable Travel Options

If you're considering the Greyhound Keys Shuttle as part of your Florida Keys travel plans, you'll need to contact them in advance. They don't sell bus tickets at Miami International Airport, as it's a limited service bus stop only. You'll need to get your tickets in advance, before you arrive at MIA.

Service is very good through Greyhound as they service the complete Florida Keys. You may find this to be a very economical Florida Keys travel option worthy of consideration.

Fare & Schedules:
1 (800) 229-9424 or
International areas without toll free access call: +1 (402) 330-8552
Passengers with disabilities: (800) 752-4841

The Keys Shuttle is more convenient then the Greyhound Keys Shuttle, but it's more expensive. They also require 24 hour notice for pick-up. It picks you up at your door and takes you to the airport, or takes you from the airport directly to your door. They service the Miami International Airport and the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

For schedules call: 1-888-765-9997

Your Florida Keys travel plans will also involve some preparation before arriving. One thing you'll need to get is a detailed map of the Florida Keys and it's helpful to also to a State of Florida map.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases such as these items.

The maps will show you more of the area features and attractions and will be especially beneficial to you while planning your holiday. Maps are an important part of your Florida travel planning, and are one of the best and most affordable tools you can have.

However, no matter how you get here, once you arrive you'll realize that Florida travel opportunities are practically limitless.

With thousands of miles of fresh and saltwater coastline, incredible beaches and hundreds of local, state and national parks - about the only thing you won't find are ski resorts and places to mountain climb. Known as the Sunshine State it's affordable and family friendly.

Unlike so many other vacation destinations, Florida Keys travel is easy. Use this website as your Florida Keys travel guide, and you'll soon discover that the planning and the getting here is also a big part of the fun!

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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