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Wedding Planning Tips For
Weddings In The Florida Keys

Weddings in the Florida Keys are what brides-to-be often dream of.

Why? The reason is, this is one of the perfect destination choices you can select to start your wonderful, new life together.

The anticipation of planning something different, something uniquely you, in an exciting, exotic place, adds to the joy of your special Florida wedding day.

Weddings in the Florida Keys are very popular so there's an abundance of Florida Keys hotels and resorts offering reception and catering facilities.

The easiest way to approach your selection process is to first determine which part of the Florida Keys will be your preferred wedding destination choice.

Florida Keys Beaches are Romantic Wedding Spots

Florida Keys Beaches are the Perfect Romantic Wedding Venue
Photo Courtesy of cayobo on Flickr

Then you'll also want to consider where you'll be spending your Florida Keys honeymoon. Is it going to be a Florida Keys all inclusive honeymoon package, or are you going to stay at various destinations throughout the Keys?

Finding Best Wedding Venues and All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages

Once you've gone through your wedding checklist and determined your plans, check out the links further below directing you to the various Florida Keys resorts and hotels. Check out their services and amenities so you can find the wedding venues and best honeymoon places that provide the services you're looking for, at prices you're comfortable paying.

Fully Decorated Beach Wedding Reception

A Beach Wedding Reception Can Be Elaborate Yet Comfortable
Photo Courtesy of wallygrom on Flickr

Weddings in the Florida Keys have another great benefit. Many of the Florida Keys resorts and hotels have their own private beaches. Check to see which facilities will work with you to provide space for a private ceremony on their private beach. If you also plan on having the wedding reception with entertainment on the beach, inquire about these possibilities as well.

For planning weddings in the Florida Keys the following link to the lodging section for the Upper Keys.will help you get detailed information on who to contact in the Key Largo, Tavernier or Islamorada area.

You can then review detailed information on the various facilities you'll want to consider for your wedding ceremony and reception.

If you're planning weddings in the Florida Keys, and you've decided on the Marathon area, the following link will help. This will provide you with detailed information on Marathon hotels and resorts you can contact in the Middle Keys.

Finally if it's the Lower Keys or Key West that has you most interested, this last link will provide you with information on where to stay in Key West. You'll be able to find which Key West hotel or resort has the right facilities for your ceremony and wedding reception.

Wedding Cupcakes Are a Nice Accompaniment

Seashell Themed Wedding Cupcakes
Are a Nice Accompaniment to a Wedding Reception

Photo Courtesy of Kristin_a (Merinque Bake Shop) on Flickr

Wedding Planning Assistance

When planning weddings in the Florida Keys, ask these facilities if they provide all inclusive wedding packages. Their event coordinator may be able to help with the majority of your wedding plans. If so, this would save you from hiring a wedding planner.

If this is the case, you'll only have to contact the remaining companies the hotel or resort can't help with. Since they've coordinated other wedding ceremonies in the past, they'll likely have helpful suggestions and recommendations they can make about the businesses you still need to hire. This will help with a lot of your legwork.

Tropical Bridal Bouquet

A Bridal Bouquet Can Have a Mix of Tropical and Traditional Flowers
Photo Courtesy of koadmunkee on Flickr

If you're from out of town, planning weddings in the Florida Keys without some form of advance help may be somewhat challenging or stressful. To help the process go smoothly, there are different wedding planners throughout the Keys you can contact.

They'll coordinate your special day with the person who'll conduct your ceremony. They'll make the arrangements with a caterer, help with your wedding cake and get a reputable wedding photographer. They'll also handle flower delivery and coordinate the wedding music for your ceremony and reception.

Beach Wedding Reception

Beach Wedding Receptions Are Casually Elegant When Held Outdoors
Photo Courtesy of Caitlinator on Flickr

You can also make these wedding arrangements yourself. Thanks to the internet, a wedding planner and organizer makes it easy to organize what you need, and keep on top of all the details, from buying the right wedding dress to ordering wedding invitations and envelopes online.

You can find on Amazon everything from beach wedding decorations to invitations, beach wedding cake decorations to wedding dresses. It's simply a matter of deciding what you want, how elaborate you want to go, and then searching the items available.

Weddings in the Florida Keys are easy to prepare for, no matter what state or country you're coming from. However, before making your marriage and Florida Keys honeymoon plans, it's advisable to make all the necessary queries in advance, because rules and laws can change. This way you won't get here and be disappointed because you didn't bring new, necessary documentation.

Key West's Monroe County Courthouse is One of Three Locations for Marriage Licenses

The Key West Courthouse is One of Three
Monroe County Locations for Marriage Licenses

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

Florida Marriage License Requirements
and Necessary Documents

To get started, a Florida marriage license is required, and these are issued by and for the County you plan on getting married in. For weddings in the Florida Keys you'll be getting married in Monroe County.

These are the three locations where you can purchase your marriage license:

Serving Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada
88820 Overseas Highway
Tavernier, FL 33070

Serving Marathon Florida area
3117 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

Serving Bahia Honda Key, Big Pine Key, Sugarloaf Key and Key West
500 Whitehead Street
Key West, Florida 33040

Before you head off to purchase your marriage license you'll need to bring proof of identification and age. If you're a legal resident of the United States you'll need to bring your Social Security Card, and proper photo ID, which includes drivers license or passport.

Passport Documents are Needed for Foreign Nationals Seeking Marriage Licenses

Passport Documents are Needed for
Foreign Nationals Seeking Marriage Licenses

Photo Courtesy of Stratforder and

If you're from a different country you'll need to bring your passport and I-94 card. Before entering the United States via plane or ship, all foreign nationals are given an I-94 form to complete. When you go through Customs and Immigration, this form is reviewed, then stamped and attached to your passport.

The I-94 determines how long you can stay in the country and under what status you're allowed in. This is your official form controlling your admittance status - not your Visa. The I-94 must be kept with you at all times, including when you go to apply for your marriage license.

For weddings in the Florida Keys, if one or both of you have been married before, you'll need to bring official court documents. These documents need to prove dissolution of any previous marriage or the death of the spouse. You'll also need to bring legal proof of any name changes.

If one of you is under the age of 18, you must have parental consent forms properly signed. If one of you is under the age of 16 you cannot get married without a court order. Also, the State of Florida permits marriage between cousins, but does not permit same sex marriage. Blood tests are not required to obtain a marriage license in the State of Florida.

Bride and Groom Strolling on the Beach

Bride and Groom Strolling on the Beach After Their Wedding Ceremony
Photo Courtesy of Greg Walter on Flickr

The cost of your marriage license depends on whether you've taken Florida's sanctioned marriage preparation course in the last year. If you have taken the course, the fee is reduced by about 1/3. If you haven't taken the course, your marriage license will cost around $100.

Since this is the government and fees are always subject to change, this is another good reason to contact the County before you complete your travel plans.

You'll also want to find out how Monroe County prefers to be paid. Some offices will take credit cards, but if you're from a different country, you may find cash to be more cost effective. Credit card companies always add on exchange rate fees and these extra charges can add up.

Upon payment, your marriage license will be issued to you immediately. Once you have it in your hand, you have a 3 day waiting period before you can get married in the county you applied in. For the Florida Keys this would be Monroe County. If you did take the State sanctioned marriage preparation course, the 3 day waiting period is waived, and you can marry immediately.

You'll also want to make sure you've made arrangements for either a professional wedding photographer or you've invited someone capable of capturing the special moments of your Florida wedding day.

John Lack, a professional photographer and contributor of many photos to our website, chose to marry his fiance at Fort Jefferson, the site of his marriage proposal to her a year early.

Capturing special moments is his art, but as these photos show, even if you're not the professional behind the camera, amazing pictures can still be taken.

Jen Lack on Wedding Day at Dry Tortugas National Park

Jenn Lack On Her Wedding Day At Fort Jefferson
Knows Outdoor Wedding Venues Are Romantic Choices

Photo Courtesy of

John Lack on Wedding Day at Dry Tortugas National Park

John Lack Arriving at Fort Jefferson For His Dry Tortugas Wedding
Photo Courtesy of

What could be more special than exchanging your vows in this tropical paradise and having a Florida Keys honeymoon? Whether you're planning on getting married in Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon Key, Key West, or Fort Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas, you'll be thrilled with the selection of terrific venues available to you.

Weddings in the Florida Keys happen year round because of the spectacular surroundings and consistently good Florida weather. Every day people travel to Florida to celebrate one of life's most important decisions and precious moments.

You too can plan on having your special wedding day in this tropical paradise. Planning your wedding can be relatively easy, it's wonderfully romantic, and it will be truly memorable.

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