"About Me" Explains How My Search
For Warm And Solo Build It's Helped Turned Into This Website

About Me. Wow. Looking at those 2 words is sort of like staring into the headlights of a car that's coming at you full speed ahead.

Scary and kind of out there.

Almost surreal. But ... since we have a relationship based on our mutual interest and love of the Florida Keys, I believe you should have an idea of who I am and where I'm coming from.

To introduce myself, here's a picture of myself with my 2 dear Dobies, Rudy and Zena. Zena our black and tan Dobie passed away December, 2011 at age 10. A few years later on July 27, 2015 our dear Rudy passed away at age 13.5. Both these special friends are truly missed.

It was Zena's unexpected passing, combined with an unprecedented string of pet deaths preceding hers - our special Finnegan and Simon who crossed the pet rainbow a few months before her, that led me on the journey of building this website with SBI's help. But ... that's another story discussed further below.

Cathy with Rudy and Zena, her dear Dobies

Cookie Time For Rudy And Zena!

So how did I get to this point, writing a website and all that. Well first, I love to travel.

Second, even more than I love traveling - I love to be warm. Make that hot. It can't get hot enough for me as a matter of fact. A point that sometimes annoys my husband. I can't help it though, I grew up where it was cold. In fact, it seemed like it was cold all the time. Of course it wasn't, it just felt that way to me.

Where I Came From

I grew up in south central Alberta, Canada, in a small, friendly farming community called Camrose. Beautiful place, pastoral, and green in the summer, but as far as I was concerned, the winters were way too long.

After college, I moved to Calgary which is a major city in southern Alberta. It's a lovely place, famous for the Calgary Stampede, it's proximity to Banff, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Of course being close to the mountains also meant being close to even more cold air.

I met my husband when I was in Calgary, and our love of travel was a strong bond between us. We could hardly wait for a long weekend to come along, or for our summer vacation to begin so we could hit the road in our RV.

Our first trips started out simple enough. Just the two of us and our cat going camping in our small tent trailer. After a few years, and another cat added into the mix, we graduated to a motorhome.

Our trips always took us south, even if we just went to Montana or Idaho. It didn't matter to us that they were just as cold as Calgary, we were headed in the right direction!

On our summer vacations, when we had more time to spend on the road, our travels took us deeper and deeper into the States. We visited California and wonderful places like Arizona and New Mexico, but always there was the urge to go where it was truly warm. That urge eventually lead us to Florida and of course the Florida Keys.

I don't believe anything could have prepared us for what we saw and felt when we arrived at the Keys. We'd done a lot of traveling, including going to Europe. We'd seen many amazing sites over the years, but every incredible memory we possessed, paled in comparison once we crested the Jewfish Bridge at the north end of Key Largo.

The wonder and awe we felt just continued to grow as we pushed our way through the Keys. I believe the ultimate experience for us was when we drove over the 7 Mile Bridge. I had never before seen water those colors. I still feel that way every single time we cross that bridge.

The Storm That Turned The Tide

Of course our travels eventually brought us home. Then one year it happened. We were coming back from the Keys and had gone through some horrific weather in Idaho.

Mountain passes were closed or closing, and it was 40 below Celsius and Fahrenheit. When it gets that cold, it actually reads the same on both temperature scales.

There also was a strong wind which created a major wind chill, bringing the temperature into the minus 70's. No vehicle would start, even though all automobiles had their block heaters plugged in to electrical outlets at the motel where we stayed. That's right - we were staying in a motel - it was too cold to camp.

There also were no tow vehicles available in the tiny town of Dillon. They were all on the highway pulling cars out of ditches and performing various other forms of emergency road service. We were getting desperate. We needed to get our motor home started or we would most likely get snowed in. We went to the adjacent coffee shop and found a fellow with a heavy duty pair of home made booster cables, who was kind enough to help get our engine running.

We left the Monida Pass behind us and started out on our 13 hour, white knuckle drive home. We wound through high mountain passes, driving roads covered in sheer black ice.

When we finally reached southern Alberta, we were greeted with gale force winds driving blinding sheets of snow across the road. The visibility was so poor it was almost impossible to see the center line.

Upon reaching our home we were totally exhausted, and very grateful to be alive. We looked at each other and said "That's it! Enough's enough." We got our affairs in order, packed our belongings, and immigrated to the United States.

When we moved, we decided to settle in Tucson, Arizona. We were "Westerners", it was closer to "home", and it felt like the right place to be. But our hearts always returned to Florida so when we could, we'd pack up our ever growing number of pets, and head across country in our RV to the tropical paradise we missed.

Over the years we ran several successful businesses, and they took us from Arizona, to Central Florida, to Texas. Then one day, I had another one of those "enough is enough" moments.

The strain of our every day business affairs was starting to seriously run it's course. I was continually stressed out, and no longer enjoyed any aspect of our Houston business. I always felt panicky, and wanting to flee. Escape was always on my mind.

Discovering SBI: The Key To
Building A Successful Website

This part of 'About Me' explains the how and why of my eventually reaching the point that I built this website.

It would never have happened if I hadn't found SBI - period. Without their tools and the training videos and 24/7 support I would have crashed and burned.

The fact is - they cleared the path - mentally and physically for me to be able to build this website. Having 'been there and done that' with their support I felt it important to share this information with you.

You may be like me - wishing you could do something different with your life and through the help and support of SBI it's possible.

That's why I'm sharing this and also why I became an affiliate of SBI. I've always worked to provide you with the best information throughout my website.

I've also worked to be honest and forthright and so I'm also declaring this to you. As an affiliate of theirs if you click a link to one of their products or services and buy it, or another one you like, I stand to earn a small commission. The item does not cost you any more. This is called being an "affiliate."

So back to my story ...

I felt I had to get away or I'd die, and so we packed up and moved back to Florida. We didn't know what we were going to do business wise, but we'd always been self sufficient so we weren't worried. We also agreed that whatever we did, had to be less stressful and give us the personal freedom we were used to.

That was particularly important as we'd always done our own thing. We called our own shots, worked our own hours, so anything less wouldn't work for us. However, we also didn't want to fall into a similar "stress trap" like we'd just left.

In looking to find just the right mix that would suit our needs, my husband spent hours, days and weeks, researching opportunities and offers. Nothing particularly interesting turned up, and some opportunities turned out to be less than legitimate.

Then one day he looked at me and suggested that I write a blog. Perhaps that would be something that would work for us as a business venture. My curiosity was piqued but what could I write about? How would I go about something like this? I didn't know html so how could I manage?

I was worried that my lack of skill would nix this possibly great idea. In speaking with my brother, I happened to mention this worry to him. He quickly set my mind at ease when he candidly pointed out that html wasn't used to write a blog. Embarrassed, but greatly relieved, I was still stuck at square one. What would I write about? How would I go about this type of project?

I began to research blogs, and in my searches I came across a prominent self-help blogger who had some really good posts, on a variety of topics. I subscribed to his RSS feed, and then one day I found a past article of his that genuinely caught my interest, and caught it fast!

He was blogging about a conversation he'd had with the owner of a company called SBI who had a passion as strong as his for helping people succeed. Ken Evoy, the fellow he'd spoken with for several hours, had a program in place that enabled regular people like me to build a proper website. A website that actually got traffic and produced results.

All of a sudden I felt I had the answers to all my questions in one tidy spot. I now believed it was possible for me to do what my husband and I had discussed, except that I could do it better. I wouldn't have to write a blog - I could build a website!

I was confident, but I was also scared. In our businesses we'd had several web sites that were the standard "very pretty but didn't produce any new traffic" sites. Plus part of my responsibilities involved regular web maintenance and updates which I detested because there was always an issue with the web company we used.

Dealing with our different web sites was perhaps the most frustrating aspect of our different businesses. It seemed almost insane for me to now consider building a web site from scratch, all by myself.

Well as it turns out, I wasn't insane. Nor did I have to rely on companies with poor turnaround time and shoddy customer service. I could also stay being my own boss, plus I didn't have to do it by myself, blindfolded. Site Build It! or as they say, Solo Build It! provided me with all the help, tools, tutorials and support I could possible imagine!

If you've always been your own boss, or would like to, and are looking for something you can do from home, sharing information, helping others, and even making some money while you're at it, then SBI is your one, true, sensible alternative with a proven track record of success.

It's also a work program, it doesn't just fall into your lap, but the ability to do what you want, learn new skills and have fun at all the same time while working at home is huge!

This video tour of what SBI is and does will give you detailed insight into how you can grow a business online, one that can be successful. Best part - you're also given all the tools and more to make it happen!

You'll also want to find out about real people who have had dreams about making an income through the internet - just like you! The difference is these people have made those dreams a reality, all thanks to SBI!

You can hear, in their own words, what they have to say about the different facets and tools that Site Build It! / Solo Build It! provide so you, like them, can turn your dream and website into a successful reality!

Building this website is one of the most positive experiences I've had, and I'd like to thank my husband for his brainwave and assistance. I'd like to thank SBI for all the tools and guidance they provide. I'd especially like to thank you, my visitors. Your support, recommendations, insight, and referrals to your friends, are what this is all about.

Blessings to you and your family, and perhaps we'll see each other around the Florida Keys, or even chat in an SBI forum one day!

Please feel free to leave a question on the Contact Us Page.

Cathy Sheehan

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