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 Sea Life Conservation Is Vital In Protecting Endangered Species 

Sea life teems in abundance, in the warm tropical waters off the Florida Keys.

The Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico which flows into Florida Bay and the Everglades are home to more than just a vast variety of Florida fish.

They're also host to several seagoing mammals such as the gentle manatee and the playful dolphin.

An assortment of sea turtles including the loggerhead, leatherback, hawksbill, Kemp's Ridley and green sea turtles frequent sea and land.

Offshore in the Atlantic, you'll find North America's largest living coral reef.

Vacationing in the Florida Keys provides visitors with an opportunity to see some of nature's most unusual and special sea life. The warm water, and the abundance of food have proven to be a haven for marine life.

Bottlenose Dolphin Live off the Florida Keys

Some Dolphin Species Are Threatened, Photo

Unfortunately, the very creatures we marvel at and enjoy, have suffered greatly at the hands of man, and their existence hangs in precarious balance.

Conservation is vital and the first step is education. By understanding the risks and the steps needed for marine life protection, we can help preserve the wonderful sea life this region sustains.

Residents and those on a Florida Keys vacation need to be proactive, and respect the marine life that is around them.

Littering is extremely dangerous to marine life, and often people will toss out fishing line, leave fishing hooks behind. Plastic bottles or soda cans are often tossed into the water without considering how they'll endanger marine animals.

Manatee Browsing for food

Florida Manatee Browsing For Food
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

No matter where your Florida vacation takes you, should you happen to encounter a dead or injured sea animal, please report it immediately.

The 1-888 hotline number for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will reroute you to the appropriate District so the animal can be helped, or inspected and removed.

Whether you encounter a sea turtle, dolphin, manatee or other types of marine life, please call the 1-888-404-3922. If you're calling from your cell phone, one of the following two codes will be operational so you can reach authorities. Dial *FWC or #FWC and report the incident.

If you enjoy watching a Florida manatee slowly munch it's way along the banks of a canal, or a dolphin splash and play. If you're awe struck and mesmerized by the shear size of a leatherback turtle. If you marvel at the wonders of the coral reef and the beautiful tropical fish darting in around it's structure, these pages are for you.

Our endangered species list is a list of sea life that are found throughout the Florida Keys. As threatened or endangered marine life, they are unfortunately, all struggling to survive.


The Florida Keys coral reef is visually dynamic in color and home to an amazing variety of tropical and sport fish. Blue parrotfish, spiny lobster,, butterflyfish, angelfish, sea ...


Coral reef restoration is not just a hot topic in the Florida Keys, it's a critical step in preserving the economy and the region's way of life...


Swimming with dolphins - what a wonderful idea. To be able to romp and play with the "King of the Sea" is a universally appealing idea, something adults and children have dreamed .


Nature has provided the Florida Keys with one of it's greatest gifts - the manatee. Endearingly sweet and clumsy, they're a gentle spirit that lives in the water, slowly moving around ...


In the Florida Keys there are over 70 species of sea sponge ranging in size, color and texture. Not only are they varied in appearance, they have colorful names aptly reflecting their ...


Male sea turtles spend their entire lives in the ocean. Only the females visit land, and this is to lay their eggs in nests before returning back to sea. Along the Atlantic seaboard ...

If you want to add to the depth of your Florida Keys vacation and are inclined to volunteer or help with different conservancy projects, you can contact different local agencies to see what you can do to make a difference.

If you dive, you can participate in the coral reef restoration program where you learn about the rebuilding process and coral reef conservation. Then you get to go out 'into the field' and apply what you've learned.

Also, local city offices can most certainly provide you with information on any local chapters that may need your services, in an area you're interested in serving.

Plus you can also contact the Save-A-Turtle organization at 305-743-9629 to ask about what types of volunteer assistance may be needed.

Florida sea life is rich and plentiful, but not as plentiful or as rich as it used to be. It's up to our generation, and the next generation, and the next, to carry the torch. To protect what nature so graciously provided us with, so that the delicate balance that is life continues.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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