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Diving Middle Keys List of
Shipwrecks and GPS Coordinates

When diving Middle Keys, there's an interesting assortment of wreck sites waiting to be discovered in the Marathon Florida area.

You'll find that some of these wrecks carry a sordid past. The Ivory Wreck, believed to have been a slave ship, is a prime example.

When it sank, it's unwilling human passengers died chained to each other and the ship with their leg irons tightly in place.

Diving Middle Keys off Marathon Florida, you'll also encounter more of the doomed 1733 Spanish Treasure fleet. This includes the smallest of the fleet, El Sueco de Arizon, and the further south of the fleet, the Ignacio.

Another wreck site which is not well documented with GPS coordinate availability is Flagler's Barge. When Marathon scuba diving, you'll want to go here, because this coral covered artificial reef has a tremendous variety of tropical and marine life.

It can often be worthwhile to grab a Middle Keys dive map so you can be more familiar with what you'll be exploring.

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Shipwrecks in the Marathon Florida Area

To help you determine which wreck sites are best for you, the following Florida Keys dive sites are listed by GPS coordinates from northeast to southwest, instead of being listed alphabetically. Each highlighted name will take you to a separate page where you can read about that particular wreck.

Keep in mind that GPS coordinates are not always exact. Ships move, and coordinates can be taken from different locations. Consider these coordinates as a reference guide and remember there may be a slight discrepancy. If you do, you won't be disappointed.

Angustias aka Nuestra Senora de las Angustias
24 47.455N 80 51.738W

El Sueco de Arizon, aka Sueco, Nuestra Senora del Rosario Santo Domingo San Antonio y San Vincente Ferrer
24 46.636N 080 53.367W

Brick Wreck
24 44.311N 80 57.288W

Duck Key Wreck
24 42.601N 080 52.659W

Adelaide Baker aka F.W. Carver, Conrad
Site 1: 24 42.14N 80 53.56W
Site 2: 24 42.175N 80 53.670W

San Ignacio Wreck aka Sumey de San Ignacio, San Ignacio
24 41.70N 80 56.44W

Thunderbolt Wreck aka USAMP Major General Wallace F. Randolph
24 39.663 N 80 57.784 W

North America Shipwreck
24 38.270N 81 05.605W

Remains of the Ivory Wreck

Remains of the North America Wreck, Photo FKNMS

Ivory Wreck aka Ivory Coast Wreck
24 37.780N 81 05.490W (coordinates are for Delta Shoal Barge which it's near)

Delta Shoal Barge
24 37.78N 81 05.49W

Flagler's Barge
24 37.553N 81 06.654W - coordinates for Sombrero Reef not the Barge


24 58.203N 81 52.804W

Edward Luckenbach
24.57.831N 81 53.269W

Gunvor aka Gumbar or Gumbor
24 450.300N 081 010.180W

Marathon Florida Shipwreck Dive Features

Many of the wrecks lie grounded on popular diving reefs like Sombrero or Delta Shoal.

When scuba diving Florida Keys, you'll experience more than just the excitement of discovering a piece of history. You'll taste the thrill that comes when swimming with unusual, and beautiful marine life.

The Marathon Key Florida area is famous for it's underwater photography because of it's beautiful coral, and heavily varied population of fish, ranging from the tropical to the massive. When exploring this area, you'll want to bring your underwater camera so you can record your different diving adventures.

The water will be filled with sergeant majors, grouper, blue tang, amberjack, parrotfish, squirrelfish and beautiful angelfish darting in and around the coral reef crevices, and grasses.

Don't miss your chance of catching a photo shot of the different moray eels lying in wait in the various coral caves and partially buried hulls. You'll encounter nurse shark and barracuda roaming the area looking for food and defending their territory.

While scuba diving Middle Keys, even though many of the wreck sites are shallow, at some of these Florida Keys dive sites you'll encounter strong currents. Some of the sites are also further from shore, such as Flagler's Barge which means you'll need to reach the area by boat.

Some of the wrecks are also quite large, such as the Thunderbolt which is an absolute "must-do" wreck dive. This is a very complex wreck where you need to study the various dive sections. This is why a Thunderbolt dive map is essential so you can preview the details of the boat's various dive sections.

Another caution is that GPS co-ordinates may not always be accurate. It's apparent when diving Middle Keys wrecks that they're susceptible to the areas strong currents and frequent storms making it possible for them to shift position.

Some sites such as the Angustias have strong currents, and poor visibility depending on the direction of the current. They may also have numerous and large shark frequenting the area. Take this into consideration when diving Middle Keys, check or go with a dive charter, have fun and keep safe.

When diving Middle Keys you'll encounter some of the most interesting, unusual and beautiful marine life the Florida Keys has to offer. You'll take home a sense of wonder and memories of great adventure. If you were diving the Ignacio, perhaps you'll even discover (and leave behind) a piece of silver or gold.

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