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Florida Keys Fish Offer Some Of
The World's Best Sport Fishing

Florida Keys fish are one of the biggest reasons people flock to this tropical region year after year.

Tipping the scales at around 600 species, with over 600 world records in Key West FL alone - it's easy to understand why.

No matter what time of year, or where you choose to go fishing in Florida Keys, you're going to have fun and lots of it!

The waters are filled with everything from small and super skittish lightning-like gray phantoms, to the massive bottom dwelling Goliath grouper.

Throw in a few feisty marlin and sailfish, some crazy wild barracuda and wahoo, a toothy shark or two, and you've got the recipe for great Florida Keys fishing vacations.

Florida Keys Fishing Calendar
And Fishing Tournaments

With such a vast assortment of fish in the Florida Keys to target, you need to understand the seasonal cycle they revolve around. They come and go and 'in-season' is when catching them is best.

Below are 2 Florida Keys fishing calendars referencing some of the more popular Florida fish species and their 'seasons'.

Florida Keys Fishing Calendar - January - June

In-Season Florida Keys Fishing Calendar For January - June

Florida Keys Fishing Calendar For July - December

In-Season Florida Keys Fishing Calendar For July - December

Of course you can't have this many species of fish without having fishing tournaments. They're an integral way of life when fishing in Florida Keys. Some Florida Keys fishing tournaments have been long standing traditions and draw multiple entries. Other Florida fishing tournaments are smaller and provide great fun for the locals and anyone else who decides to enter.

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Keeping up with tournament information can be a daunting challenge, but we have spoken to different Directors and managed to pull together a comprehensive and as accurate as possible Florida Keys Fishing Tournament Schedule.

Fishing tournament dates can change due to weather or enrollment, but at least this provides the best information we can uncover for Florida Keys fishing tournaments.

The best part about Florida Keys fishing vacations is that you have an incredible variety of Florida fish you can target. What an exciting proposition to attempt to catch one of every allowable species. It would take the better part of a lifetime, but what an amazing challenge.

In fact, if you're interested in Florida Keys spearfishing, this sport has taken on a new ecofriendly role.

Florida Keys spearfishing derbies are now held annually to help eradicate the toxic, dangerous and destructive lionfish threatening to destroy the Florida Keys ecosystem.

Make sure you add the lionfish to your "must catch" list, but make sure you know how to safely handle it first.

Before heading out, make sure you've done an inventory check on your spearfishing gear. You may need to add to your equipment or update what you have.

Popular Florida Fish Species And
Florida Keys Fishing Charters

Florida Keys fishing vacations are a lot of fun. However, if it's your first one, the types of Florida fish, along with their odd sounding names will seem foreign, even daunting.

If you've never wet a line for shark, barracuda or wahoo, you'll need to have some foreknowledge of who you're going to be battling it out with. It also helps to go out at least the first few times with someone who knows the territory.

If you're going into the flats of the backcountry, the shallow water makes for it's own unique set of challenges. Crystal clear, the Florida fish are easy to spot and so are you.

Also Florida Keys offshore fishing as well as reef and wreck fishing offers their own unique set of challenges. You must consider the weather, the water conditions, the time of year, and of course knowing where they fish congregate, as well as what to use to catch them.

This is why learning the ropes from a qualified flats fishing guide or other Florida Keys fishing charter captain can make all the difference in how your day goes.

The table below breaks the Florida Keys down by area. You can click on any image or link which takes you to preview pages where you can get details on the various Florida Keys charter fishing companies.

By clicking on the Get Rates Button for the different fishing guides you'll be able to see where they fish, how they fish, what they fish for, boat specifications, types of fishing equipment used, current rates and fishing trip availability.

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Florida Keys Fishing Charters By Area

Select Types Of Fish To Target
Pick Where You Want To Go
Select Choice Of Tackle
Get Rates!

To put some perspective on the who's and what's in the world of fish in the Florida Keys, the following descriptive list provides helpful information.

These are the fish that bring people back year after year as they attempt to 'stratch that itch' that just won't go away - Florida Keys fish fever.


For anglers, Florida Keys barracuda fishing rates the highest on a scale of 1 to 10. It's hard not to like catching this fish, because it entails everything a ...


Florida Keys bonefish fishing is probably one of the most challenging of sports. Relatively small, these fish average between 2 and 14 pounds of raw ...


Fishing for cobia can be somewhat surprising if it's your first time sport fishing for this Florida Keys fish. The reason is, cobia can be a hard hitting, strong ...

Dolphinfish aka Dolphin, Mahi Mahi, Dorado

Florida Keys dolphin fishing is hugely popular. However, it's also caused a lot of controversy. That's because dolphin, the fish has caused a lot ...

Greater Amberjack

Greater amberjack, or AJ, are without a doubt the meanest fish in the ocean. They're tough scrappers and they dish out more than they take. To you, ...


Grouper fishing Florida Keys is fantastic, and they're also an excellent eating fish. Many different varieties are found throughout the Florida Keys. The goliath ...


Lionfish are a new addition to the vast array of fish calling the Florida Keys home. They are also one species that is dangerous and extremely ...


Florida Keys permit fishing is popular since they fight like bulldogs and because they're here all year. However, since they don't like cold water, they're ...

Sailfish And Marlin

Catching Florida Keys sailfish has become one of the all time best sports in the region to enjoy. Considered the king by many, fishing for them has become so ...


Florida Keys shark fishing has become the ultimate sport. Why? Because shark are everywhere. In the bays, the flats, the ocean deep, and even in ...


Florida Keys snook fishing is popular and these 'ambush' fish range in size from 3 - 40 pounds. Smart and incredibly feisty, they're also mild and ...

Spiny Lobster

Whether lobster fishing Content Keys in the Gulf of Mexico, the wrecks and reefs of the Atlantic, or the shallow Key West flats, spiny lobster are abundant...


Swordfishing Florida Keys is different than fishing for other billfish. The reason is, this fish tends to live, eat and swim much deeper than sailfish and ...


When it comes to tarpon fishing Florida Keys is often the place that first comes to mind. Why? Well the reasons are many, and most likely each avid ...


When sport fishing Florida Keys, wahoo fish aren't always the first fish that jumps to mind - but they should be. A relative of the king mackerel, with a ...

Florida Keys Fishing Tackle
And Fishing Equipment Accessories

The diversity of Florida fish you can catch in the Florida Keys is amazing. Even the same species will behave differently depending on where they are found. As an example, permit act totally differently on the flats then they do when in deeper water.

The complex nature of the fish, and the environment you're targeting them in means you'll need to be properly prepared. You need to understand their nature, and have the right fishing gear.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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