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Best Key West Charter Fishing Pros For All Your Saltwater Fishing Fun

Key West charter fishing options are exceptionally varied and exciting.

One of the more popular choices is to go out with Key West flats fishing charters.  

You can either fly fish or spin cast the calm clear waters of the flats and backcountry for wily permit, bonefish, cobia, and other challenging opponents.

On your Key West fishing vacation, you should also plan a day trip out to the peaceful calm of the Marquesas Keys.  

Your Key West fishing guides know that this is one Key West fishing spot uniquely blessed with little traffic and plenty of fish. 

When fishing in Key West, if you have the time, you can also enjoy an extended overnight fishing trip out to the Dry Tortugas for some exhilarating deep sea fishing action.

On your Key West fishing vacation, you can also opt to ply the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near shore, light tackle fishing for yellowtail, barracuda, permit, and shark.  

You'll also find that Key West reef fishing is spectacular, day or night.  

Key West Fishing at Night

Deep Sea Key West Fishing at Night
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

Key West sport fishing charters will also take you out to popular wreck sites such as the Vandenberg, for grouper, mackerel, shark, hogfish and other popular fighting Key West fish.

If you want to really kick it up a notch, plan on deep sea fishing Key West. Key West charter fishing companies will take you to the ridges and ledges of the continental shelf for marlin and sailfish.  Plus tuna, wahoodorado, grouper are just some of the feisty species you can tackle in the dark, blue depths of the Atlantic.

No matter where you go fishing in Key West, you'll find plenty of choices and lots of fish. You'll also find that there is no shortage of Key West charter fishing companies.

To help you find the best Key West charter fishing company that fishes where you want to go, I've broken the Key West charter fishing companies down by specialty and included a brief description about them made available to you via FishingBooker.

The best part about using FishingBooker is they provide so much detail on each fishing charter so you can drill down using all their different search criteria and pinpoint exactly what you want.

For this reason I've chosen to work with them as an affiliate.  Also, so you're fully aware, as an affiliate of FishingBooker, if you click a link to a charter, book it and go on it, I stand to earn a small commission. The charter does not cost you any more if you book direct or here, as this is what being an "affiliate" means.

For your convenience I've included a Check Rate button so you can get the most accurate information, see prices and get the latest, up to date details about each Key West fishing charter. You'll see what charters are available and when, plus get more specifics on various amenities, types of fish targeted, and other options that interest you.

You'll notice that some of these Key West charter fishing companies take guests out to many of the areas identified, even including overnight or multiple night trips to popular fishing destinations such as the Dry Tortugas.

Other Key West fishing charters are more specialized and provide only a few types of fishing excursions such as spearfishing trips. Some offer private fishing trips, but on the whole, most prefer Key West group fishing.  

You'll also see that come Key West charter fishing companies offer more than just fishing options. Sunset cruises, eco tours, island hopping, snorkeling and diving trips are also possible!

You can immediately access all of the Key West fishing charters by clicking the large link directly below plus I've added a sampling of charters below that main link so you have a quick preview of the sort of information to expect.

Following Is A Sampling Of Key West Fishing Charters

Fish Key West - The Coolcast - Captain Damon Santelli
36' ocean fishing boat capable of fishing relatively shallow water, 6 person capacity
Key West Departure
Payment 20% deposit to guarantee reservation, balance day of trip via Cash, Visa, Master
Numerous species of most popular inshore and offshore fishing targeted, child friendly, free cancellation, pickup not included
Fishing Trip Destinations
Inshore Fishing     Nearshore Fishing     Offshore Fishing     Dry Tortugas
Fishing Techniques
Light Tackle     Heavy Tackle     Bottom Fishing     Trolling
Jigging     Popping     Fly Fishing     Handline
Fishing Trip Description
Fish Key West - The Coolcast is piloted by Captain Santelli, who was a commercial fisherman for 10 years. He knows the water, the fish, and how to fish depending on time of year, water and weather various conditions. This experience combined with a boat that can do whatever it takes, is one of the reasons he is able to make your Key West fishing trip more than memorable.

To make planning your Key West fishing vacation AFFORDABLE AND EASY, you'll want to check out the information on these Florida Keys fishing charter companies.

They go the extra mile to help ensure your fishing vacation is safe, fun and profitable!

Key West charter fishing trips can be half day, 3/4 day or full day excursions.

Whether you choose to test your patience and fly casting skills against the wily bonefish, Key West flats fishing or match your strength and endurance against the brutal force of a grouper, AJ or marlin, your Key West fishing vacation will be extraordinary.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
Search here for what you want (ads also appear)


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