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Florida Keys Offshore Fishing Is
Hot Florida Sport Fishing Action

When you choose to go Florida Keys offshore fishing, you take your game to a whole new level.

In the Florida Keys, the water closer to shore is relatively shallow due to the coral reef that parallels the islands.

This stretch of water is where avid anglers seek out the hundreds of Florida Keys fish inhabiting the coral reefs.

It's also where many fisherman go night fishing to catch yellowtail and other popular fighters.

However, once you get about 5 miles from shore, the water deepens substantially. At this point, the depth is about 100 feet, and it just continues to keep falling.

You've now entered the zone where adrenaline rushes and hearts pound, and Florida Keys deep sea fishing reigns as king.

Going out offshore fishing is one of the more exhilarating Florida Keys activities to include on your vacation to the Keys.

What will also enhance your fishing trip experience is going out with someone who knows where to fish, what type of fishing equipment to use, what fish are biting on, and what fish are in season.

Without this type of knowledge it can feel like a crap shoot in a pretty big body of water, and throwing out a line and hoping isn't likely what you envisioned on your Florida Keys fishing vacation.

Arranged from Key Largo down to Key West are some of the very qualified Florida Keys fishing charters available through FishingBooker that also include offshore fishing trips as one of the options they can make available to you.

FishingBooker makes choosing a charter incredibly easy as they have a vast variety of search criteria so you can drill down to exactly what you want.

For this reason I've chosen to work with them as an affiliate. Also, so you're fully aware, as an affiliate of FishingBooker, if you click a link to a charter, book it and go on it, I stand to earn a small commission. The charter does not cost you any more booking here as this is what being an "affiliate" means.

Below you'll see that I've put together a quick sampling of some the offshore fishing charters for the Florida Keys.

However, the following link further below takes you to the main Florida Keys offshore fishing charters page, and it's here that you can drill down to:

. what you want to spend
. what part of the Florida Keys you want to fish
. other places you want to fish (flats, backcountry, reef)
. what you want to fish for (snook, snapper, shark, wahoo, barracuda)
. boat and crew details
. options and amenities
. fishing tackle and more!

Following Is A Sample Of Offshore Fishing Charters

Reel Deal Fishing Charters - Captain Eric Reynolds
31' Contender Center console, 2 250 hp Twin Yamaha 250hp 4 stroke engines, 6 person capacity
Key Largo Departure
Payment 20% deposit to guarantee reservation, balance day of trip via Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Numerous species of most popular offshore fishing targeted, Bahama trips, overnight trips, child friendly, deposit non-refundable, pickup agreed upon reservation
Fishing Trip Destinations
Reef Fishing     Wreck Fishing     Offshore Fishing
Bahamas Fishing Trips     Overnight/Multiple Night Trips
Fishing Techniques
Light Tackle     Heavy Tackle     Bottom Fishing     Jigging
Popping     Kite Fishing     Spearfishing     Lobster Fishing
Fishing Trip Description
Reel Deal Charter Fishing with a maximum cruising speed of 48 knots is able to get you out fishing fast. Not only is the boat equipped with a variety of amenities and top of the line fishing equipment, Captain Ryan knows how to up the ante and add that extra punch of fun into your fishing experience. Specializing in using light tackle to take on the biggest fighting fish, your adrenaline will be pumping as you do battle with marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, king mackerel and other pelagic species. If you're interested in a customized fishing trip, an extended fishing vacation, or you want to experience fishing Florida Keys various regions, this top notch Key Largo charter fishing company has what it takes to make your Florida Keys vacation productive and fun.

Florida Keys Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

When you go Florida Keys offshore fishing you're stepping up into the big leagues.

Blue marlin and sailfish, swordfish, wahoo, mahi mahi, kingfish and greater amberjack are just some of the exciting Florida fish you can target on a day out deep sea fishing Florida Keys.

These Florida Keys fish need the deeper water as they roam in constant search of food. The north moving warm water of the Gulf Stream creates the perfect path for them.

When you're deep sea fishing Florida Keys, one method that works particularly well is trolling. This is when you hook on live bait fish and trail out one or multiple lines at various depths behind your boat.

To pick up the action, you can also throw out a net or two of pilchards or ballyhoo on top of the hooked live bait. You can even add some chum to the mix. Typically, any of these tactics will bring these fighting giants screaming to the top after the food you've provided.

Once these fighting sport fish surface, you may want to try an exciting option and use lighter weight tackle. You'll be able to feel more play, and the thrill of bringing them in will be substantially maximized.

Sailfish being released while Florida Keys offshore fishing

Florida Keys Sailfish Being Released While Deep Sea Fishing
Courtesy of Tammie Gurgiolo

Trolling is by far the most common technique for Florida Keys offshore fishing. If you go out on any Florida Keys fishing charters, you'll notice that the Captain will often slowly maneuver the boat through the water. This is done to keep the fishing bait just on top or just under the surface of the water.

You'll notice that the Captain may vary the speed by slowing down, stopping or picking up speed a bit. This is done to help simulate the action of a panicky fish attempting to escape. This is the tempting action that arouses the larger Florida fish into attack mode.

Another deep sea fishing technique, which in essence is a form of trolling, is called kite fishing. One or two kites are attached to the boat via a special rod which clips the line to the kite. The bait fish is then placed on the line below the kite.

The slow moving boat's speed is designed to just keep the live bait fish out of the water where it dances on the surface teasing the larger fish. The bait fish splash about and the frenzied activity is a major drawing card for the predator fish you're targeting.

When sport fishing Florida Keys, you'll also often deep troll with a downrigger. This popular form of trolling is where the lines runs in various depths of water.

The key to this Florida Keys offshore fishing technique is to hook the fishing bait properly so it runs natural and true in the water. If your bait fish starts to spin, it's going to look unnatural and the big fish aren't going to be enticed into biting.

However, not all of the Florida Keys fish you'll want to target come to the surface. If you're wanting to go after the bottom dwellers like grouper and snapper, you may have to go down as much as 600 feet below the surface.

These massive hunks hide out and congregate around structures, and your success depends on locating the different caves, ledges and holes so you can entice these brutes into biting.

Obviously you can't sight fish for these hulks lurking below, so the quickest way to ensure success is to use bait fish. Any form of live or recently dead bait is advisable. Squid is usually your best bet as it typically generates a fairly quick bite.

Another technique that is quite popular but can be expensive is deep drop fishing. For this style of fishing you need to use a heavy duty electric reel that has the capacity to hold a lot of line.

Strobe Lights being added to Deep drop line

Strobe Lights Being Added To A Deep Drop Fishing Line

You also should hook up strobe lights to help attract the Florida fish since you'll be fishing at a depth so great that light is unable to filter down. Once you have the lights hooked on, attach fishing bait to the different hooks you've set up on the line. Then place the line so it runs vertically so you can reach the maximum depth.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases such as the items listed above.

Selecting Florida Keys Fishing Charters

There's a few important Florida Keys fishing tips to remember when going offshore fishing. Obviously knowing where to go, and how to fish the area will be tantamount to your success.

For your first few Florida fishing trips, you should plan on going out with at least one of the fishing charters in Florida Keys. Not only do they have good Florida fishing tips, they have the necessary licensing and tackle.

Plus these are open waters and they can quickly become dangerous. If you're unfamiliar with the area, it's not wise to go the greater distance needed for Florida Keys offshore fishing, without someone knowledgeable in the boat.

When deep sea fishing Florida Keys, you'll have a choice of either a 4, 6 or 8 hour day. To help with your decision as to who to hire, here's a couple of good Florida Keys fishing charter tips.

You're going to need to find someone who has a fast enough and large enough boat. The speed of the boat is important so you can get where you're going quickly. It's even more important if you need to get back in a hurry. Severe weather can kick up fast or a waterspout may threaten. Your Captain needs to have a boat capable of good speed to keep everyone safe.

Ideally, the Florida Keys charter fishing companies should have boats capable of sustaining 35 knots per hour or more. Two engines are better than one and they are an important safety feature you should consider when making your decision.

You also need to look for a charter fishing company that has a boat ranging between 35 and 50 feet in length. This way everyone has room to move, and the extra length ensures your Florida fishing trip is less choppy.

The Sugaree Going Out For a Day of Florida Keys Offshore Fishing

The Sugaree Going Out For a Day of Florida Keys Offshore Fishing
Courtesy of Tammie Gurgiolo

Going out on the open water is not like being in the Florida Keys backcountry. On the deep blue water it's easy to become seasick. Even if you're somewhat of a seasoned veteran - seasickness can occur.

If you've never been out on open water you need to know not to look down. That will make you very sick, very fast. The safest thing you can do is be proactive. Bring or take medication in advance of your departure, otherwise your Florida Keys fishing vacation may be ruined.

Of course if you're on a Florida Keys fishing charter, your Captain will have all the bases covered for you, including licenses. But here's some tips on things your watchful Captain may be looking for to make your outing a success.

Dolphin, the mammal, often school with tuna, and vice versa. If you want to target blackfin tuna which is a good fighting fish, this is something to watch for. Just make sure you don't end up hooking a dolphin - the mammal, in the process.

Your Captain will also be watching for bait fish jumping at the surface, and for birds circling or diving. This is a sure sign that there will be larger predator fish lurking near or below the surface.

Cathy Sheehan Deep Sea Fishing For Blackfin Tuna on Marathon Hump

Cathy Sheehan Deep Sea Fishing Marathon Hump For Blackfin Tuna

Your Captain may also choose to fish near a reef or one of the Florida Keys humps, where the smaller fish usually congregate. Smaller fish = larger predator fish.

No matter where your Florida Keys charter fishing Captain takes you, a day spent in the Florida Keys offshore fishing is a day spent in a sport fisherman's paradise.

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