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Florida Beach Weddings Are Top Romantic Wedding Venues

Florida beach weddings are what dreams are made of and for good reason.

If you've always wanted something truly unique, totally you, and you love the beach, then consider a wedding on the beach for your Florida Keys wedding.

The combination of being able to say "I Do" in a spectacular, natural setting adds to the romance of your special day.

Perhaps it's the combination of fresh sea air, warm tropical breezes, and the beautiful turquoise waters that make weddings on the beach even more magical.

It may also be that weddings on the beach are more flexible and versatile. It doesn't matter whether you have a small group of friends and family to celebrate your union, or a crowd of well wishers. No matter what your plans entail, you'll find that Florida beaches make terrific wedding locations.

There is one important point to remember when dressing for your beach wedding. You'll be standing in sand. This means you won't be inclined to wear those beautiful satin pumps you were thinking about. Instead, consider accessorizing your feet with fun, attractive foot jewelry or elegant 'barefoot sandals' that fit your beach wedding theme.

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Beach Wedding Themes

Barefoot beach weddings can be a lot of fun, while maintaining the right amount of romantic tone. This wedding venue has lots of room for creativity, as you plan your very special day.

You can have folding chairs decorated with colorful ribbon set on either side of a white sandy 'aisle'. Perhaps you want to lay down a bright runner adorned with flower petals to cushion your feet as you walk towards your future husband.

Key West Beach Wedding

Key West Beach Wedding
Photo Courtesy of cayobo on Flickr

Imagine a beautiful arbor at the end of the aisle, covered in brightly colored bougainvillea, hibiscus, or other tropical flowers. As you step through the arbor, your bare feet meet the warm softness of the sand. It scrunches silently through your toes as you slowly and deliberately walk to your smiling husband-to-be.

As you stand face to face, a warm, gentle breeze brushes the white softness of your beach wedding gown against your body. Your veil lightly kisses your face as the wind gently plays with the veil's delicate lace. The beautiful turquoise water behind you makes the perfect wedding photography backdrop as you're finally pronounced "husband and wife".

Once the ceremony is over, you and your guests are able to relax and enjoy a catered reception on the beach. Delicious food is served from white linen covered tables, while a band entertains from a tented pavilion.

If this isn't your style and you prefer to keep it simple, Florida beach weddings are still the perfect choice.

Wedding Locations Include Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park

John and Jenn Lack's Romantic Dry Tortugas Wedding, May 20, 2013
Photo Courtesy of

Picture your husband to be, dressed in white khaki pants or printed shorts, and a casual cotton shirt. You, as the radiant bride, dressed in a backless, knee length gauzy dress. A lightweight, almost nude sash around your neck, casually draping your shoulders onto your bare back. Your hair attractively adorned with nautical hair accessories.

The favorite music you've brought along, playing softly in the background as the wedding ceremony proceeds. Hand in hand, you and your future partner face each other, exchanging vows, while a few smiling friends and family members look on.

Afterward, everyone retires to low slung beach chairs, and blankets. BBQ's are fired up in preparation of the burgers and steaks prepared for your reception dinner. Potato salad, coleslaw and other foods stay chilled in the coolers set in the shade of the palm trees. Beer, wine and champagne are served and everyone toasts your wonderful, special wedding day.

Ordinances For Wedding Locations
Monroe County Including Key Largo

Beach weddings are romantic, but you must also consider the practical matters of Florida beach weddings. The Florida Keys beaches are maintained by different government entities. Some are handled by the county, some by the governing village or city. They all have restrictions on what you can and can't do on public Florida beaches.

Florida Keys Vacation has the complete information on Florida Keys beaches you'll need. The following link will take you to listings of beaches in the Upper, Middle and Lower Keys.

Beach Weddings Are Romantic

Beaches Make the Perfect Wedding Venue
Photo Courtesy of cayobo on Flickr

For Florida beach weddings, you'll need to consider which location would be right for you. However, you need to keep in mind certain facts. These are all public Florida beaches. No reservations are made. It's truly first come, first serve. You cannot ask people to leave, or move further down the beach.

Open fires are not allowed, unless there are designated places for fires. Charcoal or propane BBQ grills are allowed at certain beaches only. No alcohol is allowed, and peaceful assembly is required.

You must clean up after your wedding party, and the county, or city in question does not provide rentals or services of any kind. There also may be usage fees and other requirements attached to your wedding on the beach.

Florida beach weddings are held in Monroe County all the time. But you need to know that any beach that falls in their jurisdiction means no alcohol - period. They do not take reservations which means you can't guarantee your privacy or the best spot.

However, if you're planning on a very small, intimate wedding, and you're having it early in the day, this usually is not problem.

Beach Themed Wedding Cake is Perfect Choice for Beach Weddings

Seashell Themed Beach Wedding Cakes Are Perfect for Beach Weddings
Photo Courtesy of kseast on Flickr

People have casual weddings on the beach all the time because the backdrops can be spectacular. Once the ceremony is over, have your reception and celebration elsewhere. Usually County Parks also have a per person admittance charge that's nominal.

When you start dealing with the smaller villages they're simply not in a position to handle Florida beach weddings. They also need to keep their parks available for residents to use and enjoy.

Islamorada Beaches Restrictions

In response to their residents needs, the Village of Islamorada, only allows actual residents to hold planned functions at their parks and beaches. This doesn't mean non-residents can't come to the parks, it just means that planned functions are reserved for residents only.

Champagne Toast To Celebrate Your Day

Champagne To Toast Your Special Wedding Day
Photo Courtesy of RLHyde on Flickr

Marathon Beaches Restrictions

The City of Marathon Florida, 305-743-3667, allows Florida beach weddings at any of their public venues but they do have restrictions.

If you're having under 65 people at your wedding ceremony you'll need to complete a City Use Form and a Hold Harmless Form. You won't need insurance for the event, but you will have to provide proof of insurance from any of your suppliers. This includes the caterer, the company providing the chairs, the pavilion and so forth.

In Marathon FL, if you have over 65 people in attendance you'll need to supply the City Use Form, the Hold Harmless Form and a certificate of insurance. This certificate names The City of Marathon as the certificate holder and shows the date, and type of Florida Keys event you're planning.

Any local insurance agent can provide you with the coverage you need, and the turnaround is relatively quick - even for people from other countries.

Small Wedding Celebration

Small And Casual Beach Wedding Celebration

Key West Beaches Restrictions

The City of Key West, 305-809-3765 allows Florida beach weddings at all of their public beaches.

However, many of the same rules apply. No open fires are permitted, but propane BBQ's are allowed. You are not allowed to bring alcohol of any kind, and you must clean up after your event. Since this is a public Florida Keys beach, you cannot reserve or cordon off an area. You cannot ask people to move further away, and no reservations are accepted.

Exchanging Wedding Vows Seals the Marriage

Exchanging Wedding Vows on the Beach
Photo Courtesy of Caitlinator on Flickr

The city of Key West also sweeps the beaches every morning so they're nice and clean. Of course early morning is also a perfect time as fewer people are around. This makes any of the beaches in Key West a good possibility if you're wanting to keep things fun, simple and romantic.

Later you can move everyone down to Duval Street for an late afternoon or evening of fun. You can also make arrangements with a hotel or other facility for your dinner reception if you're planning on having one.

Currently the City of Key West does not have any permits that are required when planning Florida beach weddings. However, they've had recent discussions on this subject, so if you do plan on a beach wedding in Key West you'll need to check with the City to make sure you're in compliance.

Tied Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquets Can be Simple and Elegant
Photo Courtesy of maria_jeanette on Flickr

Other Destination Wedding Ideas
State Parks and National Parks

Florida beach weddings are held in the State Parks and National Parks since they have wonderful beaches. However, these Parks have standard and very specific restrictions. No alcohol is allowed. It's also a public facility so no reservations are taken. This means you can't guarantee that others won't come into your chosen area.

However, people are usually very courteous, and when they see a Florida Keys wedding is taking place they'll often keep their distance. They may watch and cheer from the sidelines when the ceremony is over, but usually they're happy to oblige and "stay out of your way".

The different State Parks and National Parks have their own "unique" set of rules. Typically it's the Ranger who decides what else should be enforced. To determine what those changing rules may be, it's best to call the State Park of your choice and find out what other restrictions have been added.

The phone numbers for the State Parks are:

Bahia Honda - 305-872-3897
Curry Hammock - 305-289-2690
Fort Zachary Taylor - 305-292-6713
John Pennekamp - 305-451-1202
Long Key - 305-664-4815

The phone number for the Dry Tortugas National Park is:

Chairs Set Up For Beach Wedding

Chairs Set Up For Beach Wedding
Photo Courtesy of Kjarrett on Flickr

It's not impossible to have Florida beach weddings. People have them all the time. You simply have to decide what is right for you.

If you're wanting something more formal, or you need to have more control over the situation, than obviously having your wedding at a facility that has a beach, will be more inline with your expectations.

However, there's something extra special about having Florida beach weddings that are natural, more casual, more focused on the two of you than all the hype.

You can have the most wonderful romantic ceremony, and then go crazy later, with all the glitz and glamour at your reception and dance. It's all up to you, but it's nice to know you have many wonderful possibilities to consider, when planning your very special day.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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