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Florida Keys Activities Include Fun Things To Do On Land And Sea 

Florida Keys activities are as varied as her famous Key West sunsets, and you'll quickly discover that there's no shortage of either as the list below proves.

The problem facing most people on a Florida Keys vacation is deciding what to do first.  

Even more challenging is trying to fit everything in on your vacation to the Keys.

With so many different activities to pursue, on land or sea, it's no wonder people return year after year to enjoy the fun things the Florida Keys has to offer.

You'll quickly discover that just about any sport or activity involves the crystal clear water around you.  

Whether you're peacefully enjoying a view of the sun rising or setting over the water, or you're out boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, kiteboarding, windsurfing, or sailing, the list of fun Florida Keys things to do on water is almost endless.

Florida Keys Paddle Boarding

Water Sports Like Paddle Boarding Are Popular Florida Keys Activities

One of the first steps in deciding what to do on your vacation to the Keys is to review the various activities going on during the time frame you'll be here. 

Broken down by month, our Florida Keys Calendar of Events is a compilation of all sorts of fun things to do throughout the region. 

You'll also want to check out the Florida Keys fishing tournament schedule to see if there are any fishing tournaments you'd like to enter while you're here.

Apart from these traditional Florida Keys activities, there are a host of other fun Florida Keys things to do.

The following links to the most popular activities in the Florida Keys will help you decide which ones you'll want to include on your Florida Keys vacation.

You'll also find further down below the image links, a brief explanation about these various activities.  This will help you quickly choose which of the different things you'll want to include when you're planning your Florida vacation.

It goes without saying that one of the greatest drawing cards to the region involves snorkeling and scuba diving Florida Keys. The combination of crystal clear water, numerous wrecks, spectacular coral reefs along with a vast host of tropical fish and game fish, makes this a true underwater wonderland.

Not only are there so many places to go Florida Keys snorkeling and diving, there are numerous dive sites that can accommodate everyone from the novice to those who have technical diving certification.

Another of the very popular things to do involves Florida Keys fishing for the many different fighting species of saltwater fish the region is famous for.  

Not only are there a vast variety of fish to target, there are many different places you can go fishing in Florida Keys.

Whether you're interested in deep sea fishing the Florida Keys humps, poling the calm waters of the backcountry fishing for bonefish or permit, hunting down and spearfishing grouper or lionfish, or paddling the Marquesas Keys kayak fishing, there's something for everyone.

If you're a novice fisherman, or are unfamiliar with saltwater fishing you can also plan on learning the ropes by going out with any of the qualified Florida Keys fishing guides who will show you how to fight permit, tarpon or sailfish or marlin.

Enjoy Backcountry Fishing Charters Islamorada Is Famous For

Enjoy the Backcountry Fishing Charters Islamorada is Famous For

If you like to party you'll want to explore the haunts of Key West, and do the famous Duval Street crawl.

Another Florida activity that's hugely popular are Key West cruises. Key West is a major cruise ship hub and preferred destination for those who love to cruise. The stopover gives those on board a chance to experience the beauty and frivolity that Key West FL is famous for.

Camping in Florida Keys is another favorite pastime. In fact, the Keys are the perfect setting for anyone passionate about camping or RVing.

The combination of water activities, warm Florida weather, and friendly people make this one of the premier destinations for RV'ers and campers alike.

If you're planning on camping in the Keys during January - April you'll need to make your reservations months or even a year in advance. Likewise, if you're going to be in the Florida Keys during Fantasy Fest or Christmas you'll find it difficult to get a campsite.

The rest of the year, getting a Florida Keys camping site with or without reservations, is relatively easy.

Bicyclists Enjoying The Setting Sun Over The Ocean

Bicycling Florida Keys is a very popular outdoor pastime. In fact, in Key West where traffic congestion is rampant, riding a bicycle is often the preferred mode of transportation. 

The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail is one of the best known bike routes that is predominantly used by bicyclists, hikers, and joggers. It extends from Key Largo to Key West, and basically parallels the Overseas Highway. If you're on the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, you'll occasionally encounter little trail offshoots, which provide additional opportunities for discovery along the way.

Florida hiking trails are not relegated to just the Overseas Heritage Trail. The State Parks are known for providing a number of interesting nature walks that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With the terrain being relatively flat, and the paths typically well cared for, almost anyone can get out and enjoy nature on one of the many Florida hiking trails.

Curry Hammock State Park Kayaking Trips Are Fun Florida Keys Activities

Kayaking Florida Keys is another of the more popular Florida Keys activities people of all ages can enjoy. With water as far as the eye can see, it's hard to resist the urge to get out on the ocean. 

Paddling the shallow, calm waters around these islands, provides people of all ages with an opportunity to explore, and experience a very natural Florida.

Golf is another pastime that's basically synonymous with the State. With plenty of sunshine and spectacular Florida weather, luxurious golf courses dot the landscape everywhere you go - except for the Florida Keys.

However, Florida Keys golf does exist, and the islands do have a few private courses and even several public courses. This means avid golfers are able to get in valuable tee time while on their vacation in Florida Keys.

Boat rentals are also an important part of a Florida Keys vacation, since there's a variety of boating opportunities you can indulge in.

Not only are there a myriad of boating activities to pursue, there are numerous places up and down the Keys that rent equipment ranging from catamarans to jet skis, sailboats to pleasure or fishing boats.

Dolphin Encounters Are Popular Activities On Vacations To The Keys
Photo Courtesy of Sarah Godwin

For many vacationers however, the idea of a perfect Florida Keys holiday means suntanning and playing on the different Florida Keys beaches that dot the islands.

Others find that getting in the water and perhaps swimming with dolphins is even more exciting. Dolphin encounters are just some of the different eco tours available for you to participate in while on your Florida Keys vacation.

Different than other tours, eco tours are educational based, teaching about the importance of protecting the flora and fauna that makes the Florida Keys the beautiful place it is. 

Education and instruction go a long way in helping to protect the delicate balance of nature you'll see around you.  

In fact voluntourism takes this one step further by making it possible for those on a vacation to the Florida Keys to be proactive, step up and make a difference.  There are various conservation based organizations that appreciate your assistance and in helping them, you benefit as well. 

No matter where you go on your vacation to the Florida Keys, you'll find that from Key Largo to Key West, there's a host of Florida Keys activities just waiting for you to discover, participate in, and enjoy.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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