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Miami International Airport, Your Gateway To A Florida Keys Vacation

Your flight to Miami International Airport (MIA) will be a big part of your travel plans, if your vacation begins further north.

Before you arrive, you have some preparation work to do. First you'll need to get a good Florida Keys map and even watch a few travel videos or DVD's so you know what to expect.

Also make sure when you're packing, that you keep your Florida map handy. This way, once you land and have your Florida car rental, you can quickly head off on your Florida Keys vacation.

If you've landed some place other than MIA, coordinate your final departure out of MIA. This will save you time, and in the long run, possibly even money, since you won't have to return to the airport you landed at.

Miami International Airport Map

Of course, no matter where you land, getting your Florida Keys car rental will be at the top of your "to do list". By arriving here, you're almost at the gateway to the lush American Caribbean paradise that is the Florida Keys. You don't have far to travel now! Your Florida Keys vacation is about to kick-off in high gear.

Before that happens though, you'll want to orientate yourself with general information about MIA. The Miami International Airport address is 4200 NW 21 street, and the zip code is 33122. The Miami International Airport phone number is 1-305-876-7000.

To get an overview of this Florida airport, I have a different Miami International Airport map for three of the main areas you'll need to know about. The following links are provided so you can get in and out of MIA airport as quickly as possible.

This link provides a Miami International Airport map with general layout and terminal gates.

This second link provides a MIA map with clickable tabs for Domestic and International Baggage Claim.

Metrorail Station at MIA, Photo courtesy of Miami-Dade Aviation Dept.

How To Get Cheap Flights to Florida Keys

I always believe in putting my eggs in more than one basket. When it comes to airfare, one of the more expensive parts of any trip, I believe you should have options. Lots of options if you can.

The following companies can help you get cheap flights to the Florida Keys along with other discounted rates.

The first one in particular stands out, and bares mentioning again even though I've referenced them on on my Travel Tips page.

Through Amazon I've done a search of books that provide information on how you can save money on airline tickets. Whether it's beating them at their own game, or understanding the 'rules' or what to watch for so you don't get 'scammed'.

These cheap air travel books are written by travel professionals who can give you insight into this often murky, dark but necessary business. If you're able to glean information that will save you time and money, now and in the future, it will be well worth it!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases like these items and others listed further below.

Whether you're a novice traveler, or someone who spends most of their time in the air, you'll get something valuable out of these books.

Other helpful sources where you can save money are through two affiliates of mine, CheapOAir and TripAdvisor. If you click a link to one of their products or services and buy it, I stand to earn a small commission. The item does not cost you any more. This is called being an "affiliate."

The exciting news for those of your who weren't aware is that Cheap O Air is not just an airline discount company. They make it possible for you to search for and save money on flights to Florida Keys, get savings and discounts on car rentals, plus all inclusive travel packages and hotels. They may be able to help with more of your Florida Keys travel plans.

Cheap O Air specializes in CHEAP airline deals! To check rates and dates, you can play around with their handy widget that's located on the top left of their page when it opens up. This will let you compare flight prices vs dates so you can find cheap flights to Florida Keys.

Of course TripAdvisor is also a trusted name in travel planning. Their flight and hotel widget allows you to quickly search for dates and rates so you can secure the best and cheapest airline ticket prices and find the most suitable Florida lodging.

Price checking is your first important step in planning your Florida Keys vacation, and this widget will help get the ball rolling.

I would however suggest you compare flight prices with either or both of these widgets against what you find in any of the above referenced books. This way you can make sure you're getting the cheapest flights to Miami.

North Terminal of MIA, Photo courtesy of Miami-Dade Aviation Dept.

Florida Keys Car Rental Discounts

Now that you've landed at MIA, you're going to want to get your Miami International Airport car rental as soon as possible.

Make sure you have your Florida Keys map and your Florida State map. This way, when you get your car rental, you're ready to go.

You should also have made arrangements for your Florida car rental in advance, so you can ensure you're getting the best deal.

If you don't, you're often subject to whatever the going car hire Miami International Airport rate is, and internet rates can be cheaper than when you walk in off the street.

I would suggest you check out is another affiliate of mine, AirportRentalCars. They do pay me a small referral on bookings but this does not cost you any more. This is what being called an "affiliate" means.

One of the things they specialize in is being able to get you the best rate from the top 17 car rental companies.

With them you can also reserve one way, or round trip. They service over 18,500 locations and a major credit card is not necessarily required.

Also, by reserving in advance you'll know you'll have a car available and will be able to take advantage of the savings they can provide.

Where to Pick Up
Your Miami Rent A Car

To pick up your MIA airport car rental you need to get to the rental center. The address for the Miami Rental Car Center (RCC) is 3900 NW 25th St, which is about one mile east of the airport.

This massive complex is a merger of 16 car rental companies all in one convenient location for you. The Car Center has the capacity to rent 6,500 cars.

Aerial of MIA Mover, Photo Courtesy of Miami-Dade Aviation Dept.

Getting to the Car Center is also easy. The new "people mover" began operation Fall, 2011. The Miami International Airport Mover runs on a 1.25 mile elevated track, routing people from MIA to the RCC.

To reach the MIA Mover so you can pick up your Florida car rental is also easy. All you have to do is take a moving walkway to the airport's 3rd level and go to the MIA Mover airport station. You'll then be transported to the Car Center.

Hotels Close To Miami Airport
And Finding Best Miami Hotel Deals

If you're in a position where you have to stay over, or you'd like to take in some of the many interesting Miami attractions, there are several hotels by Miami airport.

The first option is very handy, especially for your return trip home. The MIA Hotel is located inside the Central Terminal, Concourse E, on the 2nd floor, before airport security.

Staying at this beautiful hotel the night before you fly out will be especially convenient as you're only steps away from catching your plane home. No rushing, and no worrying about missing your flight.

Plane Departing From MIA

Plane Departing From MIA

To make your Miami International Airport hotel reservations you can call:

After picking up your Florida car rental, you may opt to return to this lovely Miami airport hotel and spend the night before beginning your Florida Keys vacation.

This hotel widget through my affiliate TripAdvisor, lets you search for lodging in any city so you can get best lodging rates and check real life reviews before booking. As before, should you book I stand to receive a small compensation for referring you.

There are several convenient, quality and reasonably priced Miami hotels you can quickly check out if you don't want to spend time researching lodging in the Miami area.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Miami International Airport is conveniently located to the RCC and is only a half mile from MIA.

The address to the Crowne Plaza MIA is:
950 NW Lejeune Road

The Crowne Plaza is known for it's ambiance, and full service. They have a cocktail lounge, and a restaurant that serves up some fine dining at night. For breakfast you have a choice of their breakfast buffet or an a la carte menu. This Miami hotel features a variety of amenities including a fitness room, high speed internet, spa and whirlpool, plus they have an outdoor pool in a tropical setting.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
Search here for what you want (ads also appear)


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