My song "The Florida Keys"

by Colin Ward
(Saint Petersburg, FL, USA)

For about ten years, we've traveled to and from the Florida Keys by land and on our sailboat. Our favorite sailboat spots are Marathon and Key West because of the great harbors.

Sometimes we sail down the West Coast of Florida to Key West and anchor near the Coast Guard Station. It's always a thrill to dinghy to shore and tie up near the Turtle Kraals restaurant. Then we visit the downtown area, especially for the celebrations at Mallory Square (we always enjoyed the Tricky Dog Show).

But Key West is just one destination in the Keys. We love sailing up the Hawk Channel which is protected from large waves by the reef. A long day of sailing gets us to Marathon. There's an extremely well protected harbor where we've ridden out cold fronts and storms. Marathon has a lot to offer in a more laid back style than Key West. Some of our boating friends are content to spend the entire season tied up in Marathon.

Colin Ward Sailing Past Key West

Sailing Past Key West

On different occasions, We've also sailed the Keys all the way to Miami. We enjoy anchoring near Key Largo at Rodriguez Key and we love the calm waters of Biscayne Bay. The Keys are also a jumping off point for the Bahamas, and we've departed Key Largo for the Bahamas several times and returned to Marathon.

We always noticed that in the winter season, the temperatures in the Keys were about 10 degrees warmer than those in the Tampa Bay area. What a paradise indeed!

Since I'm also a singer/songwriter, I decided to write a song about the Keys. I was inspired last year when the Midwest and Texas were both snowed in and the Keys were bathed with 80 degree sunshine.

Colin Ward and the Trop Rock Junkies Band

Colin Ward Performing Live on Stage

Here is a link to the song I wrote about the Keys. I'm happy to let you know that my song, The Florida Keys, was in the running for the top song of 2011 on internet radio station, Music Tampa Bay. You can also get the CD here.

Trop Rock Junkies Band

Trop Rock Junkies Band in Concert

I also play in a band called the Trop Rock Junkies. Many of our original songs are by Steve Tolliver who writes and sings about the Keys and Key West in particular.

You can get more information about our band here.

Special Performance by Jayne Kelli

Jayne Kelli Guest Stars with Trop Rock Junkies Band

What better inspiration for songwriting than the Florida Keys?

Hope you enjoy the music!

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