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Lower Keys Marinas Listings And U.S. Port Of Entry Requirements

The vast number of Lower Keys marinas are predominantly situated in the Key West Florida area.

The reason is, Key West is a major boating hub that also serves as a port of entry and exit for the United States of America.

As such, it makes sense that there would be many Key West marinas providing an assortment of boating services and amenities.

Plus the island is dotted with numerous, smaller protected areas.

These inlets and natural harbors create the best conditions for a Key West marina to flourish.

Garrison Bight and Key West Bight Marinas

It also has two popular Florida Keys liveaboard marinas, Key West Bight and Garrison Bight marinas. Cushioned by land on 3 sides, these bights are in essence the reverse of a peninsula and provide the perfect harbor.

Charter Boat Row, Garrison Bight, Key West FL

Charterboats at Charterboat Row, Garrison Bight Key West FL

Key West Bight has been developed into an upscale consortium of funky shops, great restaurants and cool bars called the Historic Seaport and Harbor Walk. It's the hub of operations for a variety of charter and tour companies. Despite it's "modernization", it still retains the important distinction of being a working marina.

Garrison Bight, with it's two different marinas is another popular Florida boating haven. The City Marina, operated by Key West is particularly well known for it's affordable rates, plus it has important liveaboard amenities such as sewage pumping and laundry facilities.

Port of Key West

Due to the nature of the area, I've also included information on the Port of Key West in the Lower Keys marinas listings. It's a prime destination for vessels arriving from foreign ports and for cruise liners and other ships entering the region.

Key West is an international tourtist destination because of it's climate, attractions and activities. This popularity has resulted in the Port of Key West becoming busier with each passing year since it officially opened in 1969.

The Port of Key West is now comprised of 3 areas. Closest to the heart of all the activities is Mallory Square Dock. One portion of this facility is owned by the City, and so it's also referred to as the Municipal Wharf. This is a major docking facility for cruise ships, but it will accommodate small private vessels as well.

Navy Mole and Finger Piers in Key West

Navy Mole And Finger Piers In Key West
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

Small boats using the wharf can dock anywhere in the 200 feet that stretches between the dolphins marking the area. The GPS coordinates for this wharf are 24 33.35N and 81 48.28W.

Pier B is another section of the Port of Key West. Owned by the Westin and operated by Truman Annex, this deep water, large vessel facility, is a cruise liner destination.

This facility is slightly further from the heart of downtown and Mallory Square, but still has convenient access to all of the major Key West attractions. The GPS coordinates for Pier B are 24 33.22N and 81 48.33W.

The Navy Mole is also called the Outer Mole. This is the furthest port from the heart of Old Town Key West, and is used by the military. It also serves as a deep water docking facility for cruise liners, and for large vessel emergency landings. The GPS coordinates for the Navy Mole are 24 33.17N 81 48.39W.

Bureau of Customs and Border Protection

The Port of Key West is also home to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. If you're leaving the United States by boat, or are arriving by boat from another country, you must personally meet with a Bureau official within less than 24 hours of your arrival.

Due to the events of September 11, 2001, these restrictions are now heavily enforced. Serious fines and penalties will be levied against anyone not reporting their landing, and providing their documentation and boat registration.

When you dock at any of these Lower Keys marinas, you'll need to immediately call 1-800-432-1216, or 1-800-451-0393 and report your vessel to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

To avoid major inconvenience and down time at the different Lower Keys marinas, plan your arrival in advance from a foreign port, and take advantage of their pre-departure registration program.

Simply contact them before leaving your foreign port and fill out the necessary paperwork. This advanced registration typically eliminates your need to meet with officials when you reenter the United States and dock at any of the Lower Keys marinas.

To be compliant however, everyone on board your vessel must have completed this form. This means no last minute guests. If you do decide to bring spur of the moment passengers who haven't completed the registration, then you'll need to immediately contact the Bureau upon your arrival.

Once you dock at any of these Lower Keys marinas, you have 24 hours to report and bring your necessary paperwork and registration with you.

To find out more about this pre-registration option you can contact the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection at 1-800-432-1216 or 1-800-451-0393.

It's always advisable when dealing with government agencies to contact them before you leave any foreign port. By checking in advance, you can ensure that no new changes have been put into affect by the United States Government. This will help you gather any new documentation so you avoid unpleasant surprises or penalties when you reach any of the Florida Keys marinas.

The following link will get you additional information about gaining entry to the United States whether by boat, air or land. When their website opens, you can then click on their Travel Link at the top right of the page.

On their website you'll find helpful information on what's required to enter the country, plus travel advisories, travel news and other useful travel tips.

Lower Keys and Key West Marinas

In reviewing the following information on Lower Keys marinas, you'll notice that some of the listings are for resorts. These are usually reserved for guests bringing their boats with them. However, they'll often have space for non-guests, who would like to stop for a few hours and enjoy some of their onsite amenities.

Marinas Need to be able to accommodate all sizes of boats

All Sizes of Vessels Need to Be Accommodated at Marinas
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

The following Lower Keys marinas have been arranged geographically north to south by their region. The individual marina listings for each region are then organized alphabetically.

The GPS coordinates provided will help get you close to where you're going, but as always there's some margin of error to be expected.

Please contact any of the Big Pine Key and Lower Keys marinas that are of interest to you in advance. This will help you verify that they're still providing the services you need, and that they're able to accommodate your vessel.


Bahia Honda State Park Marina
36850 Overseas Hwy, MM 37
Big Pine Key, FL 33043
24 39.380N 81 16.721W

Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina
38801 Overseas Hwy
Big Pine Key, FL 33043
24 39.54N 81 15.42W


Dolphin Marina Resort
28530 Overseas Hwy
Little Torch Key, FL 33042
24 39.870N 81 23.228W

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa
28500 Overseas Hwy
Little Torch Key, FL 33042
24 37.440N 81 24.101W


Sugarloaf Lodge & Marina
17001 Overseas Hwy
Sugarloaf Key, FL 33042
24 38.7418N 81 33.9554W


A & B Marina
700 Front St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.714N 81 48.177W

Coconut Mallory Marina & Resort
1445 S Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.9996N 81 45.076W

Conch Harbor Marina
951 Caroline St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.753N 81 48.013W

Cow Key Marina
5001 5th Ave
Key West, FL 33040
24 34.1285N 81 44.8676W

Galleon Resort & Marina
617 Front St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.741N 81 48.208W

Garrison Bight Marina
711 Eisenhower Dr
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.6494N 81 47.3906W

Geiger Key Marina RV Park
5 Geiger Rd
Key West, FL 33040
24 34.9204N 81 38.9241W

Hyatt Key West Resort & Marina
601 Front St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.6632N 81 48.2764W

Key West Bight Marina
230 Margaret St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.743N 81 48.065W

Key West City Marina on Garrison Bight
1801 N. Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.648N 81 46.964W

Key West Harbor
6000 Peninsular Ave
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.8758N 81 43.7019W

Key West Yacht Club
2315 N Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.689N 81 46.725W

Oceanside Marina
5950 Peninsula Ave
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.835N 81 43.833W

Port of Key West
Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
301 Simonton St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.5312N 81 48.1847W

Safe Harbour Marina
6810 Front St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.989N 81 44.044W

Stock Island Marina
6801 Shrimp Road
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.938N 81 44.3733W

Sunset Marina
555 College Rd
Key West, FL 33040
24 34.729N 81 45.038W

Westin Key West Resort & Marina
245 Front St
Key West, FL 33040
24 33.386N 81 48.499W

Lower Keys marinas provide many different services, and I believe that these listings will help you find what you need.

Also, please contact us if you find any Key West marinas not listed that should be, so we can add the listing to our directory.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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