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Was The Vitric Wreck Responsible
For Naming Molasses Reef?

The Vitric wreck was originally built in 1911. She was a wooden schooner barge with a stern deckhouse, and was 165 feet long with a 36 foot beam.

Little is known of this ship's past, in fact her identity wasn't even determined until March 2000.

Due to extreme depth at 300 feet, and a variable current which can range from none to strong, she's also one of the rarely explored Florida Keys wreck diving sites.

History does not reveal the reason behind her sinking in March, 1944, but we do know what cargo she carried. In fact her cargo gave her the temporary name, Molasses Wreck, that she went by for over 60 years.

It may also have provided one of the most famous Key Largo diving spots with it's name - Molasses Reef.

Diver Descending off Florida Keys

Diver Descending

If you have the technical certification required to descend to her chilly depths, you'll find the molasses containers positioned on her port and starboard sides.

Other than these containers, nothing much is left of the Molasses wreck. When wreck diving this site, divers will find scattered bits and pieces of wood, the occasional porthole, her windlass, and small pieces of machinery and fittings.

At-A-Glance Wreck Diving Description
and GPS Coordinates

Wreck Name
Vitric aka Molasses Wreck - 165' wooden schooner barge
12 miles offshore of Key Largo and southeast of Molasses Reef
GPS Coordinates
24 58.03' N 80 18.98' W
290' - 300'
Dive Site Description
Current can be varied. Hull is absent, bits and pieces of equipment scatter the wreck area
Marine Life
Barracuda, snapper, grouper, pompano, amberjacks, shark, rays, tarpon

If you choose to go Key Largo diving at this deep wreck diving site, you'll find it to be worthwhile. The visibility is usually very good, and at this depth you'll encounter a different spectrum of Florida fish than what is typically found when scuba diving Florida Keys at the shallower dive sites.

Of course, once you leave this wreck, you may want to have a more relaxing second Key Largo dive. If so, head over to beautiful Deep Molasses. Here you'll need to prepare yourself for sensory overload as you enjoy one of the more exceptional Florida dive sites you'll encounter when scuba diving Florida Keys.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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