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Plan A Key Largo Snorkeling And Diving Trip To Thiorva Wreck

Discovered in the 1950's, the Thiorva Wreck is somewhat of a Florida Keys diving mystery.

Except for the nameplate which identified her, the schooner's origin is unknown.

Well at least it was until Steve Singer, author of "Shipwrecks of Florida", published by Pineapple Press, discovered more details while researching data for the 3rd Edition of his book.

Interestingly, this Florida shipwreck was a Norgwegian vessel sailing out of Pensacola for Geestemunde, Germany.

As so many vessels before her, this ship met with disaster when she sank due to a late September hurricane in 1894.

Fortunately the crew were able to make it safely to Key West where W.J.H. Taylor, the vice consul for England, Sweden and France saw to their needs.

As you can expect, for a ship constructed of wood, very little remains of her once 200 foot form.

Suffering major decay, on Florida Keys diving trips out to this dive site you can still find various bits of metal, including larger artifacts such as her cannon and anchor.

This old ship is situated at Turtle Reef aka Turtle Rock, which is the furthest north reef from Key Largo FL.

It resides in the Key Largo Existing Management Area bordering Biscayne National Park. The reef itself is identified with 4 buoys T1 - T4.

With the Thiorva Wreck sitting at about 10 - 15 feet in depth, this is a wonderful scuba dive site that's suitable for everyone. Whether you're Florida Keys snorkeling, have children you want to introduce to the wonders of the water, or are a diver, you'll still enjoy exploring this wreck and reef.

Since this ship and the reef it foundered on, are far enough away from the Key Largo area, it makes it also a more relaxing dive trip.

The crowds will be far less, some days none, which gives you and the marine life, a chance to have the water to yourself.

Sea Turtle at Turtle Reef

Sea Turtle at Turtle Reef, Photo FKNMS

At Turtle Reef there are caves, ledges, and all sorts of nooks and crannies you can investigate while looking for hidden remnants of this old vessel.

You'll also encounter the occasional sea turtle, a few lazy nurse shark, and a tremendous variety of tropical fish, along with abundant and colorful varieties of coral.

At-A-Glance Wreck Diving Description
And GPS Coordinates

Thiorva Wreck
Northern Key Largo reef situated at the north section of Key Largo Existing Management Area, (formerly Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary) and Biscayne National Park
GPS Coordinates
25 16.927N 080 12.425W
Buoys T1 - T4 mark Turtle Reef
10' - 15'
Dive Site Description
When Key Largo diving, you'll find the water is shallow, clear, and that it's quieter here, as it's located at the northern end of the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary. A cannon, her anchor and pieces of timber and ballast are what remain. She's a mostly unknown vessel except for the nameplate that was discovered in the 1950s. Florida Keys fishing is permitted with Florida saltwater fishing license
Snorkel Site
Good Florida Keys snorkeling site

Marine Life
Stony and gorgonian corals, nurse shark, sea turtles, yellowtail, large assortment of tropical fish

If you're wreck diving at the deeper Whistle Buoy or the Ocean Freeze, this makes a stop at this wreck and Turtle reef the perfect end to a more challenging day.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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