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Florida Keys Fishing Vacations
Start With Great Key Largo Fishing

Key Largo fishing opportunities are as diverse and thrilling as the saltwater fish you're sure to catch.

With the Everglades National Park and Florida Bay on one side, and the patch coral reefs and the deep sea fishing of the Atlantic on the other, you only have to decide where to start your fishing trip.

Not only do you have multiple options as to where you can go Florida Keys fishing, you have numerous choices as to the types of saltwater fish to catch.

Even though the water temperature fluctuates with the changing season, Florida fish are always biting. You just need to know which fish are in season.

Any Key Largo fishing charter company will be able to help you with the where's and how's of fishing Key Largo. In fact they're your best choice for getting started so you can learn the right fishing techniques for this area.

You can also use this handy Florida Keys Fishing Calendar to find out when the peak seasons are for the more popular saltwater fish.

A sampling of some of the other Florida saltwater fish that are fun to target, include cero mackerel, tunny, schoolmaster, porkfish, white grunt, yellowtail snapper, mahi mahi, porgy, barracuda, shark, pompano, permit, bonefish, Spanish mackerel, and yellow jack.

Since there are so many places to fish, and such a vast variety of saltwater fish to target, you'll want to consider going out on a fishing trip with one of the Key Largo or Tavernier fishing guides.

Even if you're a highly experienced fisherman, if you haven't fished the waters of the Florida Keys on a regular basis, you won't have the necessary knowledge to maximize your fishing efforts.

A bad day fishing is still better than a day spent at work. However, if you went fishing with someone who possessed the skill, knowledge and had the right equipment - well you're fishing day would become that much more productive and fun!

In the table below you can click on any of the pictures or links to get details on the various Florida Keys regions and their fishing charters.

You'll get a detailed preview for each fishing charter company, with a Check Rates Button beside their names.

By clicking on the Check Rates button you'll find detailed information on things you'll want to know about when planning your Key Largo fishing trip.

You'll be able to find out how they fish and what they fish for, where they go, what their boat specifications are, what type of fishing gear they use, extra amenities, current rates and fishing trip availability as well as crew information.

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Florida Keys Fishing Charters By Area

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Fishing John Pennekamp State Park And
Key Largo Back Country Fishing

Key Largo fishing spots you'll want to visit include a fishing trip to John Pennekamp State Park.

If you want to spend time fishing Key Largo and enjoying nature, you can go Florida Keys kayaking fishing. Just make sure you have the necessary kayak fishing equipment.

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John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park has a system of paddle trails that are fun to navigate by canoe, kayak or boat. The canals meander along mangrove lined banks and you can watch for wildlife while fishing the root structures for snook and other fish.

Compared to other Key Largo fishing areas, this will not be your most productive place to fish. However, it's natural beauty makes it a great outing and kayak fishing is still a fun way to spend an afternoon. As long as you're forewarned that you'll likely come home empty handed, you won't be disappointed.

If you want to go Florida Keys kayaking or canoeing, you'll have more success Key Largo back country fishing than you will on the John Pennekamp paddle trails.

Kayak Fishing the Florida Keys Backcountry

Kayaking Fishing the Florida Keys Backcountry

Kayaks and canoes are a great way to explore and enjoy Florida Keys backcountry fishing. Kayaks and canoes make it possible for you to snuggle up close to shore and cast into the root structures and holes for snook.

You're also able to stealthily move through the water without spooking skittish fish. Plus another perk, is that as you silently move along, you can watch the different wildlife that live on the shore, air, and sea.

As you cruise the calm, shallow waters, you'll spot alligator, crocodile, manatee, dolphin, blue heron, ibis, egret, bald eagle, roseate spoonbill, hawk, deer, and perhaps even a panther or raccoon.

You can also go Key Largo flats fishing in the backcountry which is a big part of any Key Largo fishing vacation. The difference between the gin clear water of the flats and the John Pennekamp paddling trails are that the Florida Keys flats benefit from the tides.

The feeding fish come into the flats on the outgoing tide, which is washing the bait fish out to them. The fact that the water is clear has no impact on the predator fish. However it has a genuine benefit for you, as it makes sight fishing easier.

When you're Key Largo backcountry fishing you'll be able to catch a broad selection of hard hitting and hard fighting saltwater fish.

Potential targets include trout, snapper, shark, tarpon, the wily permit and crafty bonefish.

You'll also find that the shallow clear water makes it easier for you to hone your fly fishing skills. You can even practice your cast with either a spinning reel or fly rod, then target hard hitting snook hiding out in the gnarly mangrove roots.

An important point to mention, is that the Everglades and Florida Bay are especially good for anyone traveling with a family.

A Florida Keys family vacation is meant to be fun, and backcountry fishing is something everyone, even the small ones, can enjoy.

Deep Sea Fishing The Atlantic Side

If you're looking for a good day of fun that has even more intense action, head east a bit off shore to the patch reefs and shallow wrecks.

This is where you'll find an assortment of saltwater fish living in and among the coral reefs and numerous artificial reefs that are scattered throughout the Atlantic waters.

Using light tackle, expect to catch anything from snapper to grouper, shark to blackfin tuna, hogfish to mackerel.

Going offshore is great fishing and you don't have to be the most experienced sport fisherman to catch a sizable fish or two. You also have several ways to bring in the fish. You can troll, chum, spin cast or fly fish, or mix it up a bit.

If fishing closer in on the patch reefs has still left you hungry for more, then head out for a half day or an eight hour day with any of the Key Largo fishing charters.

They'll take you out to the open water to the deeper wrecks and the Key Largo Hump. This is where you get into water that is 300' deep or more. Plus you'll have a chance to go one on one with the real scrappy fish like marlin and sailfish. You can also fish deep for the big hulks like grouper and amberjack.

Fishing over the deeper wrecks like the Bibb and Duane is also a lot of fun and can be very productive. These wrecks provide the perfect sanctuary for the small schooling fish, and the larger predator fish you're seeking. Expect to catch shark, barracuda, goliath grouper and amberjack when hovering over any of the wreck sites.

Popular Key Largo Fishing
Reefs And Wrecks Sites

The following list starts in the Key Largo area and heads southwest to Islamorada. The GPS coordinates to the wrecks are also included.

Belcher Barge 85' Steel barge, 120' deep
GPS coordinates: 25 24.775N 80 7.146W

Santa Rita 200' Steel ship, 245' deep
GPS coordinates: 25 23.251N 80 5.54W

Ocean Freeze aka Scott Mason-Chaite 297' Steel ship, 240' deep
GPS coordinates: 25 23.086N 80 7.098W

Berry Patch 155' Steel ship, 150' deep
GPS coordinates: 25 22.133N 80 7.813W

Doc de Milly 287' Steel ship, 140' deep
GPS coordinates: 25 22.063N 80 7.881W

USCG Bibb 327' Coast Guard Cutter 95' - 130' deep
24 59.710 N 080 22.770 W

USCG Duane 327' Coast Guard Cutter 60' - 98' deep
24 59.380 N 080 22.920 W

Hugo's April Fool 115' Steel ship, 145' deep
GPS coordinates:25 22.027N 80 7.823W

Jet Fighters 3 F-4 Phantom jet fuselages, 118' deep
GPS coordinates: 25 22.05N 80 7.616W

Alva Chapman Reef, Concrete boat hulls & dredge pipe, 118' deep
GPS coordinates: 25 17.667N 80 9.1W

No matter where you decide to go, Key Largo fishing has something for everyone. As the saying goes, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. The good news is, it's almost impossible to have a bad day Key Largo fishing.

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