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Grecian Rocks Is One Of Key
Largo's Best Snorkelling Spots 

Grecian Rocks is a shallow area that is one of the best Florida Keys snorkeling spots off Key Largo.

The inside of the reef is also very protected from the wind and the seaward side.

This makes it's safer and easier for exploring the sharp coral crevices.

It's also easy access from the boat to the reef, and this is another reason why this Key Largo diving site is highly favored by those who are planning a Florida Keys snorkeling trip.

The water is already shallow at the reef, so at low tide you'll discover that parts of the coral are jutting above the surface.

Dive maps are an important part of any trip and you'll want to make sure that you have a Grecian Rocks dive map. Dive cards are a helpful tool in planning your Florida Keys snorkeling or diving trip.

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The coral makes this one of the more visually accessible, and interesting of the many Key Largo diving sites to choose from.

Since this is also a SPA area, care must be given to protect the coral reef and yourself when Key Largo diving and snorkeling here. This is especially true when the tide is out, as much of the reef's sharp surface is exposed.

Even though the water is shallow, this doesn't mean there's a poor selection of marine life to enjoy. Queen Conchs are in the area, along with numerous species of colorful, tropical fish including parrotfish, blue tang, and queen angelfish.

You'll also find that there are many different species of juvenile game fish that inhabit the area as well as yellowtail and barracuda.

Both these maps will give you a good perspective for planning a Florida Keys diving or snorkelling trip. The one from Amazon is a 3-D waterproof dive and snorkel map you can take along with you, the other gives you an immediate overview of this Key Largo dive sites depth and structure.

Grecian Rocks Map

Grecian Rocks Snorkel And Dive Map
Courtesy of

At-A-Glance Reef Diving Description
And GPS Coordinates

Grecian Rocks
5 miles off Key Largo
GPS Co-ordinates
25 06.639N 08018.241W
G1 - G12 mooring buoys plus a wooden marker
3 - 35'
Dive Site Description
Crescent shaped patch reef where the inside of the reef is very shallow and is best for Florida Keys snorkeling. The outer edges have good dive spots with coral ridges and many spur and groove formations.
Snorkel Site
Best snorkel site as the inner section of the reef is in very shallow water, and the water is quite protected. Branch coral fills the shallower areas and the shallow portions are completely exposed at low tide. The back side is a sandy, grassy area. This is perfect for anchoring, and makes for an easy and calm boat to reef transfer

Marine Life
Elkhorn, giant star, and brain coral, sea fans, sea sponges, numerous varieties of tropical fish including queen, blue, stoplight and princess parrotfish, wrasse, damselfish, angelfish, plus barracuda, eel, yellowtail

Whether you're capping off a day of deep wreck diving, or simply want to get out and explore, this is a great Key Largo diving site to hang out for a few leisurely hours. The seaward side also has enough depth to make it interesting for divers who didn't quite get their fill elsewhere. Typically though, this is considered one of Key Largo's best snorkelling, novice or relaxing dive sites.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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