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9 Foot Stake Is A Great Second
 Dive Site After Cayman Salvager

9 Foot Stake is perhaps one of the prettier coral reefs to Key West snorkel or shallow dive.

This shallow patch reef is teeming with an incredible variety of tropical and game fish.

It also boasts some larger pieces of brain coral, and a good spectrum of both stony and gorgonian coral.

This Key West dive spot is also fantastic for capturing some rather spectacular photography.

Plus with it's easy proximity to Key West FL, it makes this the perfect destination for family snorkeling or diving trips. It's also a great choice for a Florida Keys diving site at night.

Schooling Blue Tang

School of Blue Tang, Photo FKNMS

At-A-Glance Reef Dive Description
and GPS Coordinates

9 Foot Stake
1 mile west of #1 marker and 4 miles south of Key West
GPS Co-ordinates
24 28.294N 081 45855W
9FT1 and 9FT2 buoys
15 - 30'
Reef Site Description
This reef diving site is named after a piece of metal stuck in the shallow NE corner of the reef. The typical spur and groove formation includes metal debris which are remnants of an old, smaller lighthouse and these pieces have settled on top of the coral patches. Good second dive after going deep on the Cayman Salvager
Snorkel Site
The current is low and the dive site is shallow so it makes an excellent photography and snorkel dive site

Marine Life
barracuda, hogfish, urchins, lobsters, moray eels, grouper, grunts, jacks, mackeral, goatfish, crabs, large brain coral, bristle stars, sea turtles, nurse and hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, yellowtail, blue chromis, grunts, spiny lobster, stony and gorgonian coral, queen conch

Dive Boat Over 9' Stake Reef

Boat Over 9 Foot Stake Reef
Florida State Archives, Florida Memory, Dale M. McDonald Collection

You'll find that out of the many dive sites Key Wast has, this is a definite 'must do.' It's also the perfect second dive choice after wreck diving on the Cayman Salvage Master.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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