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Key West Sunset Celebration Is Nature's Goodnight Kiss 

Key West sunset celebration is where crowds of adults and children gather to bear witness to nature's incredible technicolor blaze.

Together they mark the passing of another splendid day in this tropical paradise.

Witnessing the end of each Key West day is so spectacular, that throughout the centuries, notable residents and visitors alike have come to watch and revel in the beauty.

Today, nature continues her rainbow of colors, but the stage we gather upon has evolved from what it once was.

Gone are the elegant days of Tennessee Williams when he made his traditional salute to the evening's performance with gin and tonic firmly in hand. Or the quieter moments when John James Audubon watched and thoughtfully penned what he beheld.

No longer do pirates swill rum and plan their next marauding campaign. Neither do American troops muster together in preparation of war.

Schooner Against Setting Sun At Key West Sunset Celebration

Schooner Jolly II Rover Against Brilliant Key West Sunset

The Nightly Pagentry At
Key West Mallory Square

Today, Key West Mallory Square is the pivotal congregating spot that marks each day's passing with a revelry almost psychedelic in nature. The party like atmosphere of Sunset Celebration is as dynamic and colorful as the setting Key West sun's vibrant hues.

Each evening, several hours before nightfall, hundreds of visitors and residents flock to Mallory Square Key West. For many, the party has temporarily moved from Old Town Duval Street to this popular hub, as they prepare to experience another fantastic Key West sunset extravaganza showcasing a variety of entertainers and mother nature's spectacular nightly beauty.

Juggler Tightrope Walking At Mallory Square Key West Sunset Celebration

Juggler Tightrope Walking At Mallory Square

Kiosks dot the area, enticing the crowd with their delightful wares. Expect to find arts and crafts ranging from jewelry to paintings, body art to home decor.

A variety of beverage and food kiosks tempt passersby with their refreshing potions and heady aromas. While psychics mingle among the vendors waiting to tell your fortune and warn of pending doom.

Out of all the Key West activities going on each evening, the street performers are perhaps the biggest drawing card. Some wind their way through the crowd strumming their guitar and singing newly composed songs.

Musicians Entertain At Mallory Square Key West Sunset Celebration

Musician Plays At Mallory Square During Key West Sunset Celebration

Others thrill the gathered throng with a variety of stunts and acts ranging from the amazing to the amusing. Trapeze artists, sword swallowers, dancers, musicians, jugglers, and animal acts all seek to gain your attention and your pocket change.

One of the more popular acts is Dominique and his highly trained house cats. The frolicking felines are put through a number of entertaining and comedic paces as they jump through fiery hoops, and perform other amazing feats. No matter who you are, or what your age, you'll enjoy catching at least one of his 2, or even possibly 3, nightly routines.

Dominique and his Trained Cats Perform at Sunset Celebration

Dominique Entertains the Crowds With His Trained Cats
Courtesy of My Key West Photograph

As the crowd grows and the daylight dwindles, the jostling sea of humanity surge from one vantage point to another. Their unified mission is to gain better views of passing boats, of the Key West sun preparing to kiss the sea, and of their favorite acts.

As dusk approaches, the welcome evening breeze soothes and refreshes, as it moves off the water and onto shore, caressing everyone in it's path. It's impossible not to feel moved, exhilarated, and thrilled by all that's around you.

This nightly Mallory Square festival is a glorification of life, performed in a way that only could happen in Key West Florida. This is the party place, this is paradise, and this is the Key West Sunset Celebration.

Sun Dips It's Head Into the Key West Ocean

Key West Sun Dips It's Head into the Water
Courtesy of My Key West Photograph

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