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Newfound Harbor Marine Institute
And SeaCamp On Big Pine Key 

The Newfound Harbor Marine Institute (NHMI) works in conjunction with Seacamp and in essence, was developed because of it.

Seacamp Big Pine Key is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation geared towards helping children develop a better understanding of marine science.

Located at 1300 Big Pine Key, Fl 33043, their contact number is 305-872-2331.

Created in 1966 by scientists, parents, and business organizations, the different marine science summer camp programs provide a fun educational environment.

Not only do students study marine life, they're able to learn a number of different skills including how to scuba dive Florida Keys and sail.

In 1970, to continue this educational experience on a year round scale, NHMI was formed.

Newfound Harbor Marine Institute
Facilities And Marine Biology Programs

This marine science institute is located on 10 acres at Big Pine Key. It has hosted students from Grades 4 through College, along with teachers looking to upgrade their skills, have attended classes.

Attendees are able to choose from over 30 predesigned 3 day and 2 night marine biology courses, or they can have an educational experience tailored to their specific requirements.


Seagrass Thrives in the Water of Newfound Harbor, Photo Heather Dine

Situated near the heart of one of the richest marine life habitats, Coupon Bight and the Newfound Harbor Keys, the facilities at NHMI are extensively equipped.

On site, there are wet and dry marine science labs, an exhaustive science library, remote teaching shelters and nine United States Coast Guard research vessels that can be used as outdoor classrooms.

On the 10 acres there are dormitories and bunk rooms, a dining hall, arts and crafts center, swimming lagoon, campfire area, medical station, recreational areas, nature trails and offices.

The overwhelming popularity of the marine science institute camp programs and the enhanced educational experiences, have drawn attendees from around the globe. International workshops and marine biology programs are typically held for a longer duration, ranging on average from 5 - 20 days.

Mangrove Swamp

Mangroves Line the Banks of Newfound Harbor

During their stay, international students are also able to select from an array of other outside Florida Keys activities which can work in conjunction with their classes.

This could include visits to local organizations involved in their own marine programs such as The Dolphin Research Center.

The extracurricular activities could also include fun, non-related Florida things to do which are culturally significant. These include popular trips to Disney World or Key West.

The premise behind Newfound Harbor Marine Institute is to provide a unique hands on educational marine biology environment. Students from all ages and cultures are presented with a tremendous opportunity to develop a greater awareness of marine science in one of the world's most diverse marine environments.

The combination of a novel educational approach, pleasant temperatures in and out of the water, and restrictions on space however, means availability is limited. For anyone wishing to be included in any of the marine science programs, reservations are recommended 6 months to 1 year in advance.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
Search here for what you want (ads also appear)


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