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Key West Restaurants Have
A Special Floribbean Spin

Key West restaurants are as varied as the colors of her kaleidoscopic sunsets.

Below you'll find a hand selected list of some of the best restaurants in Key West.

When in Key West dining at these establishments, you'll enjoy some of the finest and freshest food served in a comfortable, laid back atmosphere.

Delicious mouth watering seafood prepared a variety of ways often tops the list of tasty items you can choose from at these top Key West eateries.

At Key West restaurants, you'll notice that there are two top contenders on most menus. One is the locally harvested pink shrimp, prepared in an impossible number of ways.

The other is key lime pie, providing just the right mix of sweet and tart, and usually more calories than one dares to count.

You'll also find that many of the Key West restaurants prepare their delicacies Floribbean style. This is a blend of Caribbean know-how, seasoned with just the right pinch of Floridian flair.

Your dining choices are endless, ranging from the elegantly sublime to funky down home. However, no matter which of the Key West restaurants you go to, or whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you'll find the food to be outstanding, and the atmosphere charmingly refreshing.

Key Lime Pie is A Key West Tradition
Photo Courtesy of rocknroll_guitar on Flickr

Some of the more acclaimed Key West restaurants are listed below. You'll find that they cover the gambit of food styles and cuisine.

We've also selected local Key West dining establishments that continually receive rave reviews, and consistently serve up tasty, reliable food.

We've broken the Key West restaurants into the categories of Key West Fine Dining, Lunch, and Breakfast. However, in typical Key West fashion, where no one believes in abiding by any hard set rule, some of these restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We haven't necessarily indicated that, we've simply selected the area they shine at most, and left the joy of discovery up to you!

We've also listed the Key West restaurants alphabetically so they're easy to find. Plus we've included their contact information along with a brief description.

One Of The Many Restaurants At Key West Seaport And Harbor Walk

Key West Restaurants For Fine Dining

425 Grinell St
An eclectic mix of Mediterranean style cuisine with touches of Greek, Moroccan, and even Italian influences create a delicious menu selection.

Blue Heaven
729 Thomas St
Located in Bahama Village, this amazing restaurant consistently serves up fantastic Caribbean and vegetarian style food. You can dine in, or enjoy the casual comfort of the outdoors.

Braza Lena Brazilian Steakhouse
421 Caroline St
The Brazilian style of slow cooking over open flames combined with the special spices of the region, create an unusual and delicious dining experience.

Cafe Marquesa
600 Fleming St
Incorporating the influence of different cultures, succulent seafood, meat and poultry dishes are deliciously prepared and beautifully presented.

Grand Café
314 Duval St
Housed in a beautiful Victorian mansion, this menu features a broad selection of fish, seafood, and meats prepared in delicious sauces with scrumptious accompaniments.

Latitudes Beach Cafe
245 Front St
With spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico, diners relax in a dressy, casual atmosphere, where seafood and other delights are prepared with just the right amount of Caribbean influence.

Louie's Backyard
700 Waddell Ave
Exquisitely prepared food combine with spectacular views, and outstanding service make this superb, but pricey restaurant worth a visit.

532 Margaret St
A delicious steak and seafood menu featuring elegant meals accented with perfect accompaniments and dressed with rich sauces.

Nine One Five
915 Duval St
A slight Thai influence accents some of the items featured on this fresh menu that also incorporates a good selection of different seafood.

Prime Steakhouse
951 Caroline St
305 296-4000
In the tradition of the finest steakhouses, only the finest cuts of beef are chosen and then cooked at close to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit to sear in perfection. Fresh seafood, pork and poultry are also featured.

Key West Pink Shrimp Are Menu Headliners
Photo Courtesy of yumyum on Flickr

Key West Restaurants For Casual Dining

Alonzos Oyster Bar
700 Front St
Overlooking Key West Bight, this popular waterfront restaurant features a broad selection of fresh fish and seafood, including tasty conch fritters.

Bo's Fish Wagon
801 Caroline St
Never judge a book by it's cover, and this holds true for this Key West tradition that has some of the best fish sandwiches and burgers in town.

Caroline's Cafe
310 Duval St
Popular Duval Street location that serves up casual Southern style food, salads, and tasty key lime pie.

Conch Republic Seafood Company
631 Greene St
Located at Key West's Seaport and Harbor Walk, this is a fun, casual place to have a drink or enjoy a tasty seafood meal overlooking the water.

El Siboney
900 Catherine St
Step inside this modest building for a delightful taste of some of the best Cuban cuisine, where large portions are available at family friendly prices.

Harpoon Harry's
832 Caroline St
Not far from Key West's Seaport and Harbor Walk this busy, old style diner serves real, down home food in a non-frills atmosphere complete with blue plate specials.

Kelly's Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery
301 Whitehead Street
This restaurant and micro brewery features an extensive wine, liquor and cocktail menu, along with a tasty and varied menu. The lush tropical gardens also make this an attractive venue for a variety of memorable events.

Seven Fish
632 Olivia St
Small in size, this tiny restaurant serves up unique and tasty dishes that consistently draws crowds looking for something with a bit different twist.

The Cafe
509 Southard St
A fun little restaurant that thrills vegetarians and surprises meat eaters. Good selection of interesting choices make this a great standby when wanting something healthy that's actually delicious.

Two Friends Patio Restaurant
512 Front Street
A landmark and hallmark restaurant for Key West, this restaurant specializes in the freshest seafood. It also serves up some of the tastiest libations served the "old fashioned" way complete with pretty little umbrellas. The lounge is also known as the place to go if you love karaoke, drawing people from all over the world willing to test their vocals.

Bo's Fish Wagon Is A Popular Key West Casual Eatery

Key West Restaurants For Breakfast

Banana Cafe
1215 Duval St
Known for it's delicious food, large portions and good service, this is a cozy and cute place to enjoy something a little extra special for breakfast.

Blue Heaven
729 Thomas St
This is one of those quirky restaurants that serves good food all day. Breakfast's are especially nice especially when sitting outside relaxing in the company of some of the locally colorful "conch eagles" aka roosters, strutting their stuff around Bahama Village.

Goldman's Bagel Deli
2796 N Roosevelt Blvd
Known for great prices, and good old fashioned fare, this is a favorite deli with Key Westers and vacationers.

Pepe's Cafe
806 Caroline St
A favorite for breakfast, this popular restaurant has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for over 100 years. They specialize in true comfort food, with good sized portions. If you can make it back for dinner on a Thursday night, you're in for a very special treat. Since 1977 they have been serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for their guests to enjoy.

My Husband's Philosophy

When it came to deciding what places should be included it came down to my husband's basic philosophy ...

If the food's not going to be as good as what I can get at home, then it's not worth going out to eat.

You may tell by his train of thought that I do a lot of cooking and I do. We eat most meals at home and because we do, I prepare a wide range of ethnic cuisines. We routinely eat East Indian, Thai, Chinese, German, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Cajun, Swedish (a nod to my ancestry), Irish (a nod to his) and yes, even good old fashioned American cuisine.

We selected this list using another of my husband's golden rules as a bench mark.

If you're going to spend money on food, it had darn well better be worth the calories.

Knowing this is the standard we personally keep, this list should provide you with some satisfying meals and memories of good times when out on the town Key West dining.

Of course your dining experience will be very personal, since everyone has different tastes and ideas of what's good and what isn't. Also, everyone can have a bad or off day, and this includes chefs and waiters.

However, these restaurants in Key West are known for their consistent ability to serve quality food and provide good service. They have their own unique brand of atmosphere ranging from the ultra funky such as Bo's Fish Wagon, to the pricey but deliciously elegant Louie's Backyard.

I believe you'll have a lot of fun 'working' your way through this list of Key West restaurants. Don't forget to send us a review of any of the places you ate at, that you thought were especially good. Plus, if you find a wonderful addition that should be included, let us know.

One of Our Favorite Dessert Recipes

We rarely splurge on dessert but when we do we go all out! I'm including for you, one of our favorites.

You may never find it on a menu in Key West which is a shame, since it looks like the best key lime pie you ever saw. Except it's not key lime pie!

Don't let the ingredients throw you off either - it's absolutely delicious and even better - it's super easy to make!

I've also included the 'light' version of this recipe for you. It's easier on the calories without sacrificing any of the flavor or texture.

Key Lime Pie Impostor Is Quick, Easy And Delicious!


In a blender add and mix:

2 small ripe avocado cut into pieces
1 8 ounce package of neufchatel cream cheese
1 13 ounce can fat free sweetened condensed milk
1/3 c fresh lemon juice

Pour into:

1 graham cracker crust, lightly baked

Liberally dust with cinnamon (optional) and freeze overnight

Remove from freezer 10 - 15 minutes prior to serving. Slice into pieces and put on individual plates. If you haven't used the cinnamon you can dress each piece with slivers of dark chocolate and slices of fresh juicy strawberries or kiwi.

Bon appetit!


Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
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