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Florida Fishing Regulations, Fish  Identification & Fishing Licenses

Florida fishing regulations change continually to keep up with the pressure of fishing from recreational and commercial fishermen.

They govern how to catch, when to catch, what to keep.

Florida weather also impacts the various saltwater fish as does invasive species such as lionfish.

This means the fishing regulations have to be as fluid as the water the fish live in.

WIth such a vast array of saltwater fish species, fishing rules change frequently, often by the month. Seasons on specific fish will close, or fish that were off the fishing list rebound and become eligible for restricted fishing.

Also, various species of fish can only be targeted by specific means.

All of this means that as a conscientious saltwater fisherman, you need to be aware of the fishing rules so that you are compliant and don't end up having legal issues in with the officials.

As you prepare to learn about the fishing regulations that govern the State of Florida, you'll also need to make sure you have the necessary freshwater and/or saltwater fishing license.

Fish licensing requirements differ for non-residents and residents, and there are other fishing permits and tags that may be required depending on the type of Florida fish you're after.

To get or to ensure that you have the necessary Florida fishing license it's best to review this information from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

If you choose to go out with any of the Florida Keys charter fishing companies you'll be exempt from requiring a license. The Captain of the boat carries the necessary licenses for you, along with the proper fishing tackle and bait.

They also are fully versed in the fishing rules and regulations for the State of Florida so you don't have to be.

However, if you do go out with one of the Florida Keys charter fishing companies, you'll still find it interesting to familiarize yourself, at least somewhat, with the saltwater fishing regulations for the area.

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If you're not using a fishing charter or Florida Keys fishing guide then one of the more important Florida Keys fishing tips you don't want to forget is this:

As a sports fisherman, it's your responsibility to monitor the Florida saltwater fishing regulations.

You need to keep abreast of any changes to ensure you're always in compliance.

Since there are so many species of Florida Keys fish, including crustaceans such as spiny lobster, oyster, scallops, and crab, if you do decide to go Florida Keys fishing without a guide, it's advisable that you carry a copy of the fishing regulations with you along with a Florida saltwter fish identification chart.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a detailed set of Florida Keys fishing regulations governing fishing practices.

The following links will provide you with the necessary information you'll need for freshwater or saltwater fishing regulations.

In their Fish Description category you'll find helpful information on Florida fish species, including pictures to help identify them. You can click on each picture and get even further useful information.

On the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website you'll also find a downloadable plus a PDF version of the Florida fishing regulations.

The Florida fishing regulations are designed to ensure that sport fishermen have fun, while protecting and maintaining the different species of fish that make this region so exciting.

Looking For Something Florida Keys Related?
Search here for what you want (ads also appear)


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