Internet Advertising Must Involve An Effective Online Marketing Plan

Internet advertising is one of the best and fastest way to reach a large audience if you know how to market online.

The world wide web is at your disposal and online marketing allows you to attract business from all corners of the world.

If you offer products or services relevant to a Florida Keys vacation, our travel website is the online marketing system you need to attract new business.

Not only do we have effective online marketing campaign options available, we provide affordable web based advertising that is different from the standard web site advertising fare.

In developing we have worked to create a dynamic Reader experience, and we firmly believe this format benefits our advertisers.

Online Shopping is Extremely Popular

Consumers Routinely Buy Goods and Services Online
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In keeping with the fundamentals of our tour and travel website, and from our years of advertising sales and magazine publishing, we realize that information has to be visual and relevant.

We offer a variety of internet advertising and marketing strategies that are effective and highly affordable.

Towards that end, we provide only four types of advertising on the web.

Enhanced 'Banner Style'
Online Marketing Campaign

The first online marketing campaign option is an enhanced listing somewhat similar to web banner advertising. This is placed on a topic relevant page, and is featured in a highlighted box, with your company name, phone number, address, live email, web address and one descriptive sentence.

Contextual Link
Online Marketing Campaign

The second web based advertising option is a contextual link ad to your specified website URL. To help the "conversation flow" a maximum of 2 paragraphs are tied into a relevant topic about your company with the contextual link included in the flow of conversation.

Article And Social Media
Online Marketing System

The third option is a detailed article about your business. This article which has it's own dedicated URL, ties into a particular keyword concept relevant to your business and our travel website.

This promotes your Company in greater detail, allows us to more effectively showcase your goods and services, and provides an enjoyable reading experience for our Visitors.

As part of this online marketing campaign package we also promote your business through our different social media platforms to draw additional attention to your company. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Your Company would also be identified as a Sponsor of Florida Keys Vacation in your article, and your full page article would benefit from multiple internal website and offsite links.

Top Of The Page Promo Bar
Online Marketing Tool

The fourth web based advertising option is the Top of the Page Promo Bar. This can be run on a monthly basis to promote a specific event or sale. It can also be added on to compliment any of the above web site advertising options.

One of the best online marketing tools is the Top of the Page Promo Bar for a number of reasons.

The first is due to the fact that it's highly visible, all the time. It stays in place at the top of the Reader's page, no matter where they scroll and read.

The second reason is that the first section of the promo bar raises a compelling question to capture the Readers attention.

Finally, the last portion of the Promo Bar contains the call to action causing the Reader to click on the link and then be directed over to your specified website URL.

The online advertising cost for this e marketing tool is based upon the page the Promo Bar is located. It can be located at the top of the Home Page, a Tier 2 Page or a Tier 3 Page.

Please note that there is only one Top of the Page Promo Bar per page which makes it very exclusive and adds to it's online marketing effectiveness.

Online marketing experts will tell you that when putting together web based advertising, you need to relay clear information about your Company's services.

This gives potential customers a chance to relate to you, and then act upon what they've learned. The best online marketing strategies lay out the benefits of dealing with your Company instead of your competitor, and this helps our Readers spend their money more wisely.

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