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Best Moments at Fantasy Fest Are
Worth Remembering and Sharing

Not having best moments at Fantasy Fest Key West is almost impossible. With 10 days of fun filled activities and masquerade events, special memories can rack up quickly.

No matter who you are, after spending even just one day at the Key West Fantasy Fest, you're sure to have some amusing or just plain crazy stories to share.

Santa's Helpers

Santa's Helpers Made it to Fantasy Fest
Photo Courtesy of Roy Llowarch on Flickr

The heady combination of themed parties, the making of new friends and the greeting of old, all come together to produce an infinite number of often alcohol hazed, blurred, but fond memories.

If you're brave enough, you've undoubtedly told your stories to family and friends. You've shared a good laugh or two and perhaps you've even blushed a bit at the telling of your tale!

No matter who you are, after spending even just one day at the Key West Fantasy Fest, you're sure to have some amusing or just plain crazy stories to share.

Whether you had a costume malfunction at the Fantasy Fest Parade, or lost your way after spending the better part of an evening doing the Duval Crawl, there's a story lurking, just waiting to be told.

Then there's the numerous encounters you had with the many naughty and nice party goers. All these incidents add volumes to the memories and stories you'll have of your Key West vacation during Fantasy Fest.

So let this be your chance to come clean and get it all out there, in a family friendly sort of way. Share your Masquerade Ball story, or Fantasy Festival tale.

No doubt during your days of revelry you had a few unexpected and surprising experiences. You know the Fantasy Fest things to do, and the things not to do. Any of these valuable insights and Festival tips you feel are worth mentioning can also be shared.

Your best Key West Fantasy Fest moment, like this one from Walt in Sarasota FL, will keep you and us smiling and laughing for years to come. Plus you can look forward to racking up and sharing another best story or two, next time you head to Fantasy Fest Key West!

Leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

Playboy For Real!

We were on the upper level of the Dante's Heaven and Hell pool party and who should walk in but Hugh Heffner and two beauties on either arm.

He had two body guards keeping lookout. He didn't stay long but it was long enough to make it memorable!! The he went back to his stretch limo and departed.

My wife was able to run over and we got a quick pic. It was awesome!!!

Fantasy fest is so cool!!!

Walt - Sarasota, Florida

Best, Worst, or Most
Hilarious Fantasy Fest Moments

We've all had ridiculous, embarrassing, even downright hilarious moments in our lives.

Fantasy Fest seems to provide the opportunity for these types of moments to occur. Perhaps even more often then we'd like!

If you've had a one of these types of 'moments' and you're inclined to share it with us - then please do so!

Keep it clean for the 'whole family', and don't forget to send some of your better 'scrubbed' photos!

Enter The Title of Your Story (i.e. My Cool
Costume Turned Out To Be Nightmare On Elm Street)


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